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Marshall Outs Acton, Woburn Premium Speakers, Starts at P15,950

International audio brand Marshall recently announced the availability of the Marshall Acton and the Marshall Woburn in the Philippines. The announcement was led by Sanya Smith, daughter of local legendary rock icon Pepe Smith, at Beyond the Box Century City Mall.

Marshall Acton Woburn Mode EQ Headphones Launch Sanya Smith

The Marshall Acton is a compact active stereo speaker that has that classic 1960's look, all the while sporting modern features and technologies such as Bluetooth connectivity and Hi-Fi performance. Design-wise, the Acton comes with a shiny front grill (with the timeless Marshall logo) and is wrapped in perhaps what's faux leather, and is available in black and cream. It measures at 265 x 160 x 150mm and weighs 3 kg.

Marshall Acton Philippines

Expanding on the innards, the Acton carries a 4-inch woofer, three Class D amplifiers (1xw25w, 2x8w), and two 3/4-inch tweeters. Frequency range is at 50Hz to 20kHz, which is awesome to say the least. There's also three control knobs for bass, midrange, and treble, allowing you for fine tuning of your music.

The Marshall Woburn, the larger of the two, meanwhile features bigger equipment, namely two 5 1/4-inch woofers, two 1-inch tweeters with Ferrofluid cooling, three Class D amplifiers (2x20w, 1x50w), and can deliver a frequency range of 35Hz to 22KHz. Essentially, the Woburn is a bigger and better Acton, weighing in at 8 kg and measuring at 400 x 308 x 200mm. It also comes in black and cream faux leather.

Marshall Woburn Philippines

Also introduced during the event were the Marshall Mode and Mode EQ in-ear headphones. These feature customized drivers that produce high definition sound, paired with a unique in-ear design to deliver maximum comfort. The main difference between the Mode and the Mode EQ is that the EQ comes with a two-step switch that allows you to customize the audio you're hearing: EQ1

Marshall EQ Headphones Philippines

The Marshall Acton and Woburn are now available for P15,950 and P28,500 respectively and are available at most major resellers such as Astroplus, Astrovision, Beyond the Box, iStore, Digital Hub, and Digital Walker.

New LG Airconditioner Fights Mosquitoes Using Ultrasonic Waves, Sell for P36,495

Who says airconditioners can't be used for the fight against dengue?

Electronics company LG Electronics recently launched the Mosquito Away Residential Airconditioner locally. Simply put, the Mosquito Away RAC repels mosquitoes while keeping you cool at the comfort of your homes. The AC does this by via an internal speaker that generates 30kHz ultrasonic waves that keeps mosquitoes at bay. This frequency is completely harmless to people, and will only affect the peskiest of mosquitoes.

The anti-dengue air conditioner has been tested by Dr. Pio A. Javier, Research Professor of the Crop Protection Cluster of University of the Philippines, Los BaƱos. Test results showed that the LG RAC is capable of repelling indigenous mosquitoes, the dengue-causing Aedes aegypti, at a very high success rate of 82.71 percent. That's probably even at par with your conventional mosquito coil.

Electricity-wise, the Mosquito Away RAC features a low voltage starter that enables the unit to save energy by using a lower voltage when in lower temperatures. This is perfect for both summer and rainy seasons as it will always keep you cool when it's hot, and keep you dengue-free when mosquitos start breeding.

The LG Mosquito Away Residential Airconditioner is now for sale for P36,495 for the 1 HP variant and is avaialble at major stores and appliance centers nationwide.

iKlip Lightning Flash Drive Will Expand Your iPhone or Mac Storage Up to 128GB, Starts at $49

Looking for a way to expand your iPhone 6 storage space instantly without relying on the cloud? How about transferring content immediately from one device to another without relying on that bothersome iTunes syncing? You should probably check out the iKlip. It's basically a flash drive with a Lightning connector on one end and your standard USB 3.0 connector on the other. What used to be an Android capability is also now available to Apple devices - provided it meets its Indiegogo target.

iKlips Lightning Flash Drive

Yes, there's always a catch. As great as it sounds, the iKlip is still down $44,000 of its $50,000 goal to start commercial production. You can check out their Indiegogo page here: In all honesty, I'd back this project if I was an iPhone user.

If the iKlip ever sees the light of day (and I'm hoping it would), it would feature the following:
  • View photos, documents, playback music, TV series and movies, backup and manage files directly from iKlips.
  • Upgrade your device storage up to 128 GB (16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB capacities).
  • Lightning / USB 3.0 dual-interface - easily share files between iOS, Mac and PC. (iOS 6.1 or above / Windows XP/7/8 / Mac OSX)
  • The world’s fastest read/write speed - Lightning read/write speed: 14/8 MB/s; USB 3.0 read/write speed: 140/20 MB/s.
  • Top quality MLC flash memory for longer product life span and read/write speed.
  • A built-in clip that lets the user to attach it to clothing, personal belonging and always have it with them.
  • Apple MFi-certified (made for iPhone/iPad/iPod).
  • Safe & Secure since no Internet access, your data is never sent through 3rd party servers.
  • The lowest power consumption, saves power of your iPhone/iPad.
  • Free universal iOS app for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
  • 1080p HD movie streaming, direct playback from iKlips.
  • Ultra slim with Aluminum material design.
  • No built-in battery - no need to charge iKlips.
The iKlip is able to push and fetch files to and from your iPhone via the iKlip app.

The 16GB iKlip is available for commitment (commitment because it's not available commercially yet) for $49, while the 128GB version is being offered for $159.

Lenovo Mobile Philippines Holds Buy 1 Take 1 Sale, Get 2 Lenovo S920s for P13,999

Lenovo Mobile Philippines, in celebration of the opening of its 22nd concept store in Mandaluyong, is holding a grand opening "buy 1 take 1 sale" and discounts on participating smartphones and tablets.

Currently, the best deal to avail is the Lenovo S920 for P13,999, where you can technically get each unit for P7,000. If you have a buddy looking for a quality smartphone, you can split the bill in two.

Lenovo Mobile Philippines Holds Buy 1 Take 1 Sale, Get 2 Lenovo S920s for P13,999

The promo will run from March 20 to 31, 2015. For more details about this promo, you can check out Lenovo Mobile Philippines' Facebook and Twitter channels at and @LenovoMobilePH.

Sony Philippines Teases Bloodborne, Standard Version Starts at P2,499

Sony Philippines recently sent over a mysterious Bloodborne teaser package, complete with cryptic items, such as a feather, an ink pen, a bottle with an unknown white substance, and a letter from Yharnam. Why these items? Well, the game was declared "gold" just six days ago - March 13, 2015 - meaning it's being prepared for production and release.

From the makers of the Dark Souls and Armored Core series From Software, Bloodborne is basically a hack and slash game with Dark Souls mechanics, but slightly easier, thanks partly to faster characters, a more efficient multiplayer, and strong weapons (actually, it'll remind you of the original Devil May Cry game series too, the following is why).

Set in the sleepy city of Yharnam, you'll wade through endless diseased humans and animals while you try to survive, together with up to 3 other players, provided you have online multiplayer.

Curious as to what the letter contains? Read on, Champion of Yharnam.

Bloodborne will come out on March 24, 2015, at P2,499 for the standard version, and P3,299 for the Limited Hunter Edition version (P21,890 - PlayStation 4 bundle), with a Sword-Hammer letter opener as a pre-order bonus.

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge Announced, Local Pricing Undisclosed

Fresh off the heels of MWC 2015, Samsung locally announced the local arrival of what arguably is the hottest smartphone of 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge (apparently, it's really stylized as "edge"). These devices single-handedly brought back innovation and vigor to the South Korean company's global slipping market shares.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge both feature mostly similar specifications, with differences bing the display, the battery rating, and the device dimensions. What makes these twins stand out from the rest however, are their stellar designs and builds. As I've mentioned to Samsung Philippines' Group Product Manager Ivan Pua, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge are two of the best smartphones I've seen in a while, with the previous, the original HTC One (too bad that HTC keeps on milking the 2 year old design without much improvement. See: HTC One M9).

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Philippines

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Philippines

Speaking of standing out, both Galaxy S6s are real lookers. The front and back are both surrounded by Gorilla Glass 4, and were manufactured in such a way that it reflects light and bends the reflections of the following surroundings. There's also the fact that the S6 edge has no left and right edges, with the display tapering to the sides of the device (curiously, the company markets this feature as "dual edge"). Speaking of the sides, yes, it does look a lot like the iPhone 6, but Samsung might've pulled it off better. What puts me a little off is the protruding camera, which brings me to the next point.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Philippines

Samsung Galaxy S6 Philippines

Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge's camera dashboards load in less than a second - literally. It's just a blip the moment you tap the camera app, which is very impressive in itself. Both Galaxies feature a 16-megapixel rear camera with Smart OIS, Real-time HDR, and IR Detect White Balance, all of which when combined produces a very crisp, high-quality image. Loaded on the front meanwhile is a 5-megapixel camera, which is also as sharp as the rear one.

Another feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge I'm sure technologists will love is its wireless charging capability. It's both WPC and PMA-certified - a relatively new industry standard in wireless charging technology - that will allow for better and faster wireless charging.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge will be available globally on April 10, 2015, with 32/64/128GB variants available in White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz, and Green Emerald. There's currently no announced price in the Philippines, but we're estimating the Galaxy S6 edge will easily hit the P40,000 mark.

Samsung Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 edge Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge Specifications Philippines

Samsung Galaxy E5, E7 Midrange Smartphones Offer Premium Experience Starting at P12,990

If you're a little tight in the pockets but still prefer to experience something premium, then you'd be happy to know that Samsung recently started offering the Galaxy E5 and the E7, two midrange smartphones that offer the trademark Samsung experience at half the price of the company's main flagships.

Samsung Galaxy E5, E7 Midrange Smartphones Offer Premium Experience Starting at P12,990

Both the Samsung Galaxy E5 and E7 run with a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset, feature a Super AMOLED HD display, and offer a dual SIM functionality - but that's where the similarities end. Specs table for the two variants below:

Samsung Galaxy E5, E7 Midrange Smartphones Offer Premium Experience Starting at P12,990

The Samsung Galaxy E5 and E7 are already available at Samsung stores and major reseller nationwide for P12,990 and P15,990 respectively.

Top 5 Fighting Games for Android this 2015

We've been a PlayStation nation since the early 1990's. I remember the very first PS console I had like it was just a week ago. Then we moved on to the Sony PlayStation 2, the Playstation 3, the PlayStation Portable, then the PlayStation Vita. One thing common across all these consoles are its huge selection of fighting games - and when we say fighting games, it's mostly about the latest Tekken or Street Fighter installment. However, with the recent industry shift to mobile gaming, we're having more and more fighting games available on the Android platform (and the graphics are getting more awesome by the month too!) So here's our top 5 fighting games for Android.

Real Boxing

Most likely inspired by the Fight Night series on the PlayStation, Real Boxing brings the best boxing graphics I've ever seen on Android - and it still holds true today. It's now free (I bought it for $1 last year), but it allows for in-app purchases for stat buffs. Gameplay is simple, and the learning curve is very low - you just tap and swipe with the goal of knocking your opponent out. Anyway, if you're asking, there's no Pacquiao playable here.

The King of Fighters-A 2012

The King of Fighters series are probably among one of the "kings" of the arcade centers back in the day, when arcade token machines were still popular. SNK Playmore brought the franchise to Android in both free and premium versions. There's a wide range of options and characters available (including crowd favorites Iori and Terry), though the biggest thing missing is multiplayer action. For that, you can play up to three characters in a true KOF fashion, plus the fact that the controls are a breeze to learn.


If you were a teenager back in the late 90's, you'll probably go nostalgic when you hear the names Sophitia, Siegfried, and Taki. You're not alone. Among the first 3D games ever  (right up there with Tekken, Dead or Alive, and Virtua Fighter) that brought critical acclaim and innovations to the fighting genre, Soulcalibur is also now playable on Android. Preceded by Soul Edge, Namco's beautiful fighter is now in HD and sells for a whopping $14 (that's PHP 600 to us in the Philippines).

Soulcalibur was initially released on Dreamcast, then re-released on Xbox 360, with the latest incarnation available on the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.   

Injustice: Gods Among Us

With all the Marvel merchandise in the Android platform, it was very necessary for Warner Brothers to bring the DC platformer to mobile. Originally for the PlayStation 4, you can now play as Superman, Batman, or various DC superheroes (and villains for that matter) on your Android device. Graphics are awesome as expected - any less of the flashy colors of laserbeams and fancy moves would be sad. However, controls and gameplay mechanics are boring, with taps and swipe mechanics running your characters with a very limited moveset. Given that this is mobile, it's understandable that it was watered-down because of performance limitations.

Marvel Contest of Champions

With the surge in popularity of Marvel characters in the recent years (for the most part thanks to movies and lots of reboots), it's a given that another Marvel merch will go to mobile, and go to mobile it did. Answering Warner Brothers' Injustice: Gods Among Us, Marvel Contest of Champions offers users to experience playing Wolverine, Ironman, or the recently popular Star-Lord in a three-team battle, conquering maps that house other Marvel superheroes.

The game's plot is predictable, the controls and movesets are dumb, but the graphics are stupendous. It's basically the same with Injustice: Gods Among Us, save for new mechanics, like having the opportunity to get 4-star heroes like Deadpool. However, it's a freemium that, after 2 to 3 chapters in, essentially pushes you to do in-app purchases because you can't get past certain stages, even with "leet" skills. This game will nevertheless fly because who doesn't want to play as Spiderman?

So that's it for our top 5 fighting games for Android. What's your favorite game among the listed?

Image credits via their respective owners.

Mineski Celebrates 10 Strong Years in Philippine Gaming Industry

Local gaming group Mineski recently celebrated their 10 strong years in the industry by holding a flashback celebration at the first-ever Mineski branch, Mineski Infinity Taft. Present in the event was Mineski VP for Marketing and Events Marlon "Lon" Marcelo.

Mineski's story goes back a long way, starting in 2004 as a group of gamers just doing what they love to do (Editor's note: these guys were notorious in the earlier versions of Counterstrike and DOTA circa early 2000s at the computer shops I was playing at), until they started opening computer cafe after computer cafe in 2009, eventually paving the way to the surge in local professional gaming. These same people annually send highly-skilled eSports players to international competitions and bring glory to the country. Mineski's story is captured in the MineskiTV-produced documentary "Dekada," where the company's CEO shares the early struggles of the group to get to where they are right now.

To date, Mineski operates at least 16 gaming cafes in the Philippines and 1 in Malaysia, with satellite branches littered across the nation. They also run multiple gaming teams, with GIGABYTE.Mineski being the most prominent in DOTA 2, even being tagged as one of the more prominent gaming teams in the SEA region.

Aside from the 10th year celebration, Mineski also highlighted the 7th season of their popular Mineski Pro Gaming League, better known as MPGL, which is happening this year.

Capturing Mazda’s KODO Drive Philosophy

When looking into car websites and even magazines, you’ll ask yourself the question of how they get those amazing shots? The photos are beautiful to appreciate the car even more, tires are so fast that it’s spinning, there’s a trail of light left behind and color black is very black in details.

Recently, we were invited by Mazda Philippines in cooperation with Fujifilm Philippines to do an automotive photography class. Using the latest Mazda vehicles mainly the Mazda 3, Mazda 6 and the CX-5, all equipped with the latest Mazda Skyactive technology and KODO design philosophy.

Recently, Mazda has made a lot of changes with their vehicles both inside and out. The Mazda KODO design philosophy talks about the new design of their cars which mainly means Soul in Motion, this shows movement and aggressiveness. Figuratively speaking when looking at the cars, its moving even at standstill.

At Green Canyon resort clark Pampanga, we were equipped with Fujifilm cameras to capture three types of photos. Basic shots that captures the body of the vehicle, Capturing details that shows specific and unique characteristics of the vehicle and KODO in motion which is capturing the vehicle in movement.

We were thought by automotive photographer Mr. Mikko David in tips and tricks in taking the shots we need. Overall, our photos should show a story and sharp details that shows distinction of the vehicle. Each category, every participant should submit one photo as entry.

In doing the shots, we were challenged in how to be creative. Everyone showed their competitive spirit and let out their creativity in getting the perfect shot. Here are some shots in what we did in the workshop.

Going out in the sunroof, windows and even the rear doors we’re all used just to get the perfect shot we need. Don’t worry, we did this in a closed and slow speed (only 30-40km/h). It’s enough to get blur shots without using excessive high end cameras.

Here are the entries we’ve submitted

Basic Shots

Capturing details

KODO in Motion

Playing around with the camera settings from shutter speed, exposure, aperture, zoom and even using raw files for better photos. We experience all of these using our Fujifilm cameras, we personally like the X30 series where it’s light and compact compared to other mirror less cameras we used.

Everyone enjoyed their workshops and all came out winners. Kudos to the Mazda and Fujifilm team in showcasing a more than the usual car event. We are now more appreciative of not only performance of cars, but also fine details in photos and movement.