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Tj's Daily! is a blog that contains primarily what the author wants it to contain. It was established in 2008 mainly for the political ideas and opinions of the author but has evolved from politics only to almost everything since then, music to videos, politics to gaming.

The blog is now on its fifth graphical iteration, Version 3.0 if you will. It is a testament to its continuing improvement and performance in this ever-changing world, not only graphically but also content-wise.

Why Tj's Daily!? Well, let's just say that the author thought it was a fun name at the time of the blog's inception. Author's name is TJ, the blog's almost updated daily. Makes sense.

The Author

The author of this blog, TJ Panganiban, has been blogging since September 2008. He's a 2009 graduate of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and has majored in BS Accountancy. An accountant by profession and a writer at heart, he started blogging because he thought it would earn him money easily. He proved himself wrong after a couple of months. It has been earning humble amounts ever since.

Aside from that, his blog serves as an outlet of his various ideas, as mentioned above. He often shifts writing styles from the informal to the formal, vice versa, exploring and adding new vocabulary along the way. He believes that it would help shape better his literary skills.

He's still hoping that someday his skills would allow him to break into mainstream media/culture, meet people, and make new friends.

On a side note, he dreams to gather enough fans, finally build his online store, sell Tj's Daily! logo-printed tees like Peter Chao and the Mystery Guitar Man of YouTube does, and spread the Tj's Daily! word. World domination - by selling tees - at its finest.

P.S. If I could be of help or service to you, please let me know via our Contact Us form. Thanks.

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