Tj's Daily! is the website to be at for gamers and net trend followers alike. It publishes remarkable news, reviews, IRL hacks, press events, game codes and everything that's rising in popularity. Read apparently by lots of people, Tj's Daily! is the encyclopedia stalwart of cheat ogres, trend fiends and long-term post searches.

The blogger behind Tj's Daily! is TJ Panganiban. He has been blogging passionately about his niches while attending blogger events on the side. He wrote for Quick Delivery Philippines, Creative Philippines, and the miscarried RISQ fashion event. His site was also quoted several times by more influential blogs, one being TechCrunch. All that said, he's just starting to receive invites to cover press events and media kits related to the internet and the tech industry.

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Site Statistics

Blog age: 3 years 1 month
Domain age: 10 years
Published Posts: 1,030+
Comments: 3,000+
Average Unique Visitors per 30 days: 425,832+ 
Average Pageviews per 30 days: 668,300+
Average Time Spent on Site: 00:02:17+
Average CTR: 2.17%+
Alexa Global Traffic Rank (as of 09/23/11): 119,371
Google Page Rank (as of 09/23/11): 3/10

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Site Demographics

Visitors by Country     (%)
Philippines      36.40%
United States      28.48%
Indonesia      5.74%
United Kingdom      5.09%
Canada      5.08%
Malaysia      4.71%
Singapore      4.25%
Australia      3.87%
Brazil      3.23%
Germany     3.15%

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Based on the Alexa audience table above, Tj's Daily! is optimized for advertising to educated and single young male adults who works at their own home, goes to school, or are currently living with their parents i.e. gamers, sports enthusiasts, young adult workers.

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