Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord photos.

As promised, here are the photos from my previous post "The Grand Chapel" in SM Megamall. Sorry for the awful picture quality. I took these shots using my cellphone. I would be too conspicuous if I brought a camera with me just to take pictures anyway. And, I don't know if they allow cameras in there (except for the TV cameras of course). I might get mugged by a giddy group of lay people. So here:

This is the altar. It's bigger than it looks here. There's just too many people. The white rectangle on the far right is an LCD flatscreen TV I think. Or it may be just a projector.

Here's the sidewalls of the church. It has depictions of the 14 stations of the Cross (the ones in the wall).

Here's the entrance to the church. Just beyond those glass doors are hordes of (undead) people standing, listening to the mass.

A cleaner shot of the altar. Did I mention that there's a "crying room" in the left side of the altar? My angle just didn't cover it.

Well, this final shot here, is the new adoration chapel. There's was an adoration chapel near this new establishment, but this is the replacement so the old one was closed. A sudden gush of super-cooled air would greet you when you enter this place. You'd instantly feel the holiness because of the cold. And like most adoration chapels, it's sooooper-quiet. The altar itself is spectacular. I almost mistook it as a +10 ultra-rare shining armor set from an MMORPG, no blasphemy and offense meant. I'm a Roman Catholic too. It's just that, it's so bright. I immediately fell to my knees and prayed.

Anyways, the church and the chapel sit side-by-side together in this new area of SM. So whether you wanna attend mass or it's just quiet praying you seek, it's good to go here.

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  1. Nice church. Hope we have one like that in here.


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