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As usual, I was lurking the internets again, and I tried to look for the avatar website everyone's raving about. I got my avatar picture from Photobucket, not on the actual website. So I present to you the results of my lurking: FaceYourManga.com. Yeah. Sounds so not right doesn't it? Face-your-manga. More like, Manganize-your-face. Anyway, I guess the website's full of traffic. Loadtimes are slow IMO. Traffic is a good thing. Well, good for the site owners. Here's a sample of what they'll actually send in your e-mail (and that's my avatar over there, pretty much like me):

I'll use that avatar over there for my picture in my profile. The creating process is fun. You get to choose from a lot of designs, and that's not premium yet.

And another one. I was scanning 4chan's article in Wikipedia when I stumbled upon something called Chad Vader. Says it's all about a dayshift manager. I tuned in, and it has humor. Funny in a way. I've watched a couple of episodes (it has a total of 8 eps currently, I think) and it's pretty good. It'll pass for a simple TV filler show. Put simply, this is Darth Vader in a managerial job. Watch.

It even has a parody of Tay Zonday's Chocolate Rain. Why is it called that way anyways? For your convenience, here:

Take that Yoda! How cool can you get? So that makes that and this makes that. People should be paying me for the things I put in here. Really. But that's me, I do some things without thinking of any payment. See you on another post. Hail Vader!

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