My slippers got stolen again! For the third time! Man!

I got screwed up again today. Technically it was yesterday, but it's just today that I found out my slippers got stolen again. 3 times in a row dudes. Three times in a row. Why does it always have to be my footwear? My 2nd pair looks actually like this:

Now I have a habit of looking on other people's slippers, but only if they look suspicious. I swear that if I find that dude who always steals my slippers, I'll give an immediate sucker punch. Maybe you're asking, "What's the big deal? They're only slippers." Man, I won't be like this if they don't cost PHP 350 a pair.

Pilferers are very notorious in our area. Our streets happen to be quiet, nice and wonderful. It just so happens that the baranggay (neighborhood) next to us are home to informal settlers (you know them as squatters). At noon and at the wee hours of the night, them informal settler kids roam our streets in search of anything of value. Slippers, steel rods, basketballs, etc. Name it, they'll steal it. We have several instances of them squatter kids entering our gates and surveying our garage. They'll peek at your gates to see if there's no one around. One time, some kids were in our garage, and my brother took chase. Scared the living daylights outta them. They ran so fast. My brother got left behind immediately. And that's the problem. They run so fast, we ordinary city kids can't outrun them. I can, but how do you chase 3 or 4 thieves in the blistering heat of the peak afternoon sun? Well, if I catch one by the shirt I need to mention again, I swear I'll give that slipper thief a beating.

I understand their situation, though not completely. They're financially drained. No resources. No nothing. I just wish that they won't steal from people. They should look for a job and look for decent sources of income. They'll pass for stevedores if they would apply for it. To hell with it. To hell with them. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. It's just unfortunate that our mayor (YES YOU MAYOR BENHUR ABALOS!) ain't doing nothing. He cant even the command for the city's drainage unclogging! Five minutes of rain and our streets are completely flooded, but that's another topic.

Anyway, with all this rage and anger in my head, I can't think straight. If I don't stop now, I might post something improper.

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