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Oyea. Another Harry Potter trailer. This is trailer #3. Damn. I'm really disappointed that Warner Bros. moved the release date of this movie to July 2009. I mean, WTH right? People were so excited waiting for this movie that a Warner Bros. magazine company released an issue about this movie sometime this year when it was already rescheduled next year. Woot. There should be some internet hax or leakage or something. I'm dying waiting to watch this. Of course, there're the better movies of this year. I've read that Twilight (movie) didn't fail to deliver to their audience. Well, I'll be watching it in time too, hopefully. By that I mean if I can jam some movie time into my schedule because I'm tremendously busy.

Well, I'll bump Mixx.com too. I'm too lazy today to make an actual review so I'll just save time and spread the word. The following is a verbatim from the Entrecard website. This was not made by me and I don't take credit for it. The author's name is Graham and this is his post:

Mixxing more beneficial then ever.

Written on November 21st, 2008 by User ImageGraham

Let’s face it, the homepage of Digg is an ivory tower. Once a friendly haven to all bloggers alike, reaching the homepage of Digg is now more or less impossible with just a handful of users controlling 90% of their homepage. So take a step back and ask yourself, out of all the posts of yours that have been submitted to Digg, how many have made the front page?

Yep, probably none. Even if you get your post submitted by a top digger (which is basically a requirement to hit the homepage), you still need to get past their in-house moderators that screen all the stories hitting the homepage. One mod click from them and your story will never make it, regardless of how many votes it gets.

That is why I submit to you Mixx, which is growing rapidly in terms of popularity. Just check out their growth over the last year:

The great thing about Mixx is that it’s much easier to make the homepage. With all the Entrecarders visiting each other, I propose that we can very effectively Mixx each other’s posts that we enjoy, and help each other reach the home page.

Bounce Rate “Problem”?

Sites like Digg and Mixx might not work well with people overly concerned about bounce rate. Typically, the bounce rate from traffic you receive from a homepage link on Digg is between 80 and 90%. However, it does stand to reason that even with a high bounce rate, SOME of the people will subscribe, comment, and become regulars. So I wouldn’t let the bounce rate from this traffic deter you too much from persuing traffic from these “democratic news sites”.

My Advice

Start Mixxing! You can add Mixx buttons to your blog very easily using these buttons. You can register for a Mixx account here. I have to say in the beggining, the content on Mixx wasn’t too great, but it has shown steady improvement in link submissions and voting, and has most notably drawn a loyal following from bloggers who have given up on Digg, and for good reason. It’s actually possible to hit the homepage of Mixx! It only takes 30-40 votes.

Mixx is like Digg basically. I'm already a member of it. Join if you would. But of course, join our Entrecard community first. Ok? I dunno what I'm gonna talk about next. So, 'till the next installment.

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