Hotel 626 - Scare yourself.

Ooooh man. I have a lot of issues pending but I'll post this first anyways.

I know halloween is long over, but what the heck right? My sister and her troops was browsing the internet when they found this thing aptly named Hotel 626. It's a website that'll scare the shit outta you (and it's weeks by the way. I knew about it just yesterday). I know what you're thinking. I assure you, it's nothing like Sfogs or any other spooksite, 65% guaranteed. I played the game already. Catch is, you can only play the game 6am - 6pm real time. If you wanna play the game at any time of the day, mess with your PC clock. By that I mean change it to 6am - 6pm. When you enter the website, you gotta fill some info first. It's the usual - name, email, yadayada. So you got the basics. Less talk less mistake. Here's the website.

*Spoiler Warning!*

Can't finish the game? Too scared? I did the trouble of posting a walkthrough I got from another blog site. So, like here:

Welcome to Hotel 626.

Level One (1) - Only by confronting your darkest fears can you find the light.

This is the easy part. Just watch. You don’t actually have to do anything. It’s an intro movie and it’ll automatically take you to the next level.

Level Two (2) - One is not like the Others.

You’re moving down a long hallway with lots of doors.

  • Look for the door that stands out from the rest of them. It’ll be towards the very end and was on the right hand side for me. You should see a glowing Exit sign. You have to click on the door to exit.

Be quick on this level, because there’s a big dark ghostly thing waiting at the end of the hall to eat your fucking face off.

Didn't I tell you it would scare the shit outta you (or not)? For the complete walkthrough, go to

Have a very good sleep.

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