Mobile Suit: Gundam vs Gundam - PSP

Three words: This game rocks.

Have you been a Gundam fanboy your entire life? Have you been dreaming of fighting inside a Mobile Suit for too long? Have you ever wished that there was a better version of Virtua On on the PSP? Well, cry no more for Tj's Daily® presents to you Mobile Suit: Gundam vs Gundam.

First, the overalls. Mobile Suit: Gundam vs Gundam is basically a very gorgeous looking (and when I say gorgeous, eye candies everywhere) hack and slash game. The menu screen is composed of a Story Mode, a Versus Mode (up to 4 players: 1 human 3 AI), the Options, the Wireless Duel Network (I believe), and another menu that what it does, I don't know. Sadly, the game is only in Japanese. You better know some Jap or start mashing some buttons. It was just released recently.

The Story Mode, well, I can't say much about it since it's in Japanese. How I wish I knew how to read it. Playing the Story Mode is pretty useless unless you understand the storyline or if you're just after creaming some robo baddies. You get to choose from a myriad of characters. Anyways, there is a Normal Mode, a Hard Mode, and an Ultimate Mode. What's the difference you ask? Well, the difference is just the difficulty, the HP and the enemies you'll be facing. Plus, you get to unlock a new Mobile Suit for finishing a mode (you also get to battle the Colony Devil Gundam. The ultimate form of the Devil Gundam).

The Versus Mode is where it gets interesting. It's like the Story Mode but more dynamic. This game would sell like hell even if it's just all Versus Mode. Again, you get to choose a variety of Gundams from the Vs to the Zs. Up to 4 players can play (like I said). 3 AI and 1 human. You can set the matches to 2 on 1, 2 on 2 and 1 on 1. It's just a little unfair on the human side because the GPs (I believe this is short for Gundam Points) of the AI are 50% less than those of the human player.

What does the GP do? Well, it's like your 2nd life bar. It's found on the upper left area of the screen. A GP bar is made up of 6000 points. A Mobile Suit has different GP requirements. Say, Char's Zaku costs 1000 GP while Heero's Wing Zero costs 3000 GP. Everytime your Mobile Suit gets totaled, the GP requirement of your character would get deducted from the GP bar. Make the GP bar reach to zero and it's all over for you (High GP characters have more HP than those of low GP ones. 1000 GP Mobile Suits have around 350 HP while those of 3000 GP have around 700 HP. Plus, they're clearly superior in armaments).

That's the problem in the Versus Mode. Say, you select the Wing Zero and your enemy is also the Wing Zero. When you die, you get deducted 3000 GP instantly. Die one more time and you lose the game (remember the 6000 GP limit). But when the Wing Zero AI dies, it only gets deducted 1500 GP. You're just good for 2 deaths while the AI's good up to 4 even though you're both using the same character. The game is pretty one sided at this point, unless you are skilled at piloting your Mobile Suit (like me). And as a bonus, you get to play the characters you've unlocked from the Story Mode in the Versus Mode.

The game graphics are spectacular. It's all Gundam in shining colors. See it to believe it. The sounds are also good though it could be made better. Battlesongs are derived from the Gundam animes itself. You can select from JUST COMMUNICATION(Gundam W) to DREAMS (Afterwar: Gundam X). Gameplay, topnotch. The controls are not that complicated. It's very easy to use. You'll be playing this game better in 2 hours or less. Loading times are so fast you won't see it coming.

I'm not gonna discuss the other modes no more. I haven't tried the Wireless stuff yet, or any of those below the Versus Mode. One thing for sure though, this is a good game. Only in Planet Japan. But if you really wanna have one right away without the financial expense, the ISO was released Nov. 23 (to think that it was just released Nov. 20 in Japan. I believe they call it hayaii).

Well, that's it for my first PSP game review. 'Till my next installment.

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