Spying Over Burn After Reading

George Clooney. Bradd Pitt. Who wouldn't know 'em both? I mean, they've been in the industry for years now. They both made their names and solidified it more in movies like Ocean's Eleven (and Ocean's Twelve and Thirteen for that matter). Fortunately for fans, we have another movie starring Clooney and Pitt: Burn After Reading.

Burn After Reading. Whoa, I wanna watch it. Why? It's because it's intriguing, it's fun and I'm hell sure it's an excellent movie to watch together with a friend or a loved one. I just watched it's trailer today in the cinema and I was all smiles and wows. I mean, Clooney and Pitt has some of the best humor in Hollywood, and to combine them both in a movie means double the fun. Who wouldn't wanna watch that? A spy comedy movie? Step aside Johnny English. The big boys are in the house. Plus, the cast has Malkovich in it. He's also a great actor (Malkovich). All I know is, based from the trailer, Pitt, a delivery boy or something, is trying to blackmail Malkovich and Clooney's sex life is good.

That's why I wanna watch this movie, for me to finish what I've witnessed in the trailer. Besides, I wanna meet fellow Nuffnangers alike. It would be my first time to experience an event sponsored by Nuffnang and meet Filipino Nuffnangers if it so happens that my entry would get selected. I want to know how it feels like to be a Nuffnanger on a Nuffnang event. Nuffnang plus Nuffnangers equals lots of fun holds true. This is also a great opportunity for me and my girlfriend to bond because she also wants to watch this movie. So there.

Anyways, thanks to Nuffnang for holding an event for Filipino Nuffnangers. What a fun community. 'Nuff said.

Burn After Reading

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  1. hoping to win those free tickets! this will be a good chance to meet our fellow nuffnangers..

  2. congrats for winning,see you


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