24 days 'till Christmas Day. : )

Today is December 1, 2008. We've finally entered the Christmas month. I won't bother posting how Christmas Day came to be. Everybody knows that Christmas became Christmas because it just did. You should be starting decorating your home right now (well, you should've started back in Noem). Rather, I'm gonna do a top ten list (a Tj's Daily® first!) of what you should put in your house as decorations during this Yuletide season. The following would not be in any particular order. Just a plain top ten. But first, let's give respect to the World AIDS Day being celebrated this very day. Fight AIDS. Bloggers unite.

#10. Christmas Lights

Everybody knows that Christmas lights are essential to every coming Christmas. Without this, surely it would be a different world. Just remember to not overdo your Christmas lights or else your house would look like a stripjoint.

#9. A Jesus' stable

Do I really need to explain what this is for? Of course, Christmas Day signifies the birth of Jesus. Why not put a porcelain re-enactment of that day on your home? Just don't buy a stable too large.

#8. Christmas Ribbons

Who doesn't love ribbons? Not just ordinary ribbons, of course you gotta use special X'mas ribbons. Put some on your ceiling and curtain rods. This would make the month extra special.

#7. Christmas Wreaths

Who doesn't put wreaths on their home during Christmas? Perfect for your front door or some spot in your home. Don't buy wr
eaths that are full of glitter. Glitters=bad, wreaths=good.

#6. Christmas Globes

Right. Globes are very iconic. So iconic in fact that they've been featured in almost evey Christmas movie around. Just shake it and snow falls. Put one in top of your TV.

#5. Christmas Candles

Candles are good for Christmas, especially those scented ones. Why not? It gives that warm and joyous feeling to every person inside your home. Perfect on a center or side table. Warning: Don't place near curtains. May burn your house.

#4. Empty Christmas Boxes

The question is, "why not?" These things deserve a spot in your home even if they're empty and just for display. Makes you feel Christmas-y and all. Just tell your kids that it's just for display. They might sneak up in the middle of the night and jump it.

#3. Christmas Socks & Candy Canes

You gotta have this one if you're waiting for Santa's gifts. This may look old-fashioned, but it isn't. Parents, pass the spirit of Christmas on to your kids. Let their imagination grow. Spread the word about Santa. Put several hundred bucks on your kid's Christmas sock.

#2. The Mistletoe

Kiss me quick! They say that a man and a woman who meet under a mistletoe should kiss each other. Well guys, what are you waiting for? Put this in your front door and wait for someone you like to enter. The rest is history.

#1. The Christmas Tree
This tree right here defines Christmas. You don't ever see Christmas being celebrated without a Christmas tree. You gotta have one. And I assume that you already have one installed because of the fact that you're reading something about Christmas. Buy a tree with a good height. A 10' tree is good. Don't garnish it with oh too many Christmas lights. And don't forget the gifts at the bottom.

With all this said, you really gotta go to your nearest department store and shop for Christmas items. Watch your budget, especially your weight. Don't eat too much 'kay? An advanced Merry Christmas coming from Tj's Daily® 'Till my next installment.

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