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Found a website that's called Engrish.com. Very hilarious site. Anyways, this site makes fun of the mishaps of other people trying to speak/read/write proper English. Which is some kinda cool, because English as itself is taken for granted in most English speaking nations. Some purposely twist their English for it to sound slang-ish and/or cool.

Anyways, here's a picture in one of their more recent posts. They call it "What's up babie?" Read the words in the picture and smile or laugh. What's up babie? I'm gonna tell you something goods.

This site is already established and is on since 200X (X being numbers 1 to 9) I think. Most of the word and grammar blunders shown at the site are of Chinese origins but Japan and Korea's often featured too (I noticed that this site's all about Asians. Where's the European typos? I think I'd call this site racist. Nah. Just kidding). I even saw one from India. Maybe I'll be a contributor. I can't see no Philippines in the Engrish.com website yet.

They have their own novelty store full of BS'ed English shirts, mugs, calendars and the like. Good products I presume (Well, here in our nation we don't need to order via the internet. We just go to a place called Divisoria. There're lots of Chinese and Koreans there. They sell shirts like that all the time. Got it?) And they also have what they like to call a "Massage Board" (obviously message board) where you can put "massages" at.

So next time you see something wrong, take a picture. Be a contributor. Help other people laugh. Share it at Engrish.com to help others know about the "Beware of missng foot" sign. Yeah, I'll be wary of any missing foot. Then again they may really have the idea, but they just expressed it in an unconventional and unthinkable way. Missing foot. Gah.

'Till my next installment.

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