Mugen Game (Engine): 10/10 Stars. Want To See McDonald VS KFC?

2D fighting games are fun. Nobody can argue with that, except for the Grinch I guess. Ryu vs Bison, Spiderman vs Wolverine, it's all cool. But sometimes you can't help but ask yourself: "How about Ronald McDonald vs Colonel Sanders?" Yes, 2D fighting doesn't stop at what Marvel, Konami, and Capcom says it to be. The 2D fighting world apparently got larger in 2001 with the launch of the Mugen Game Engine (M.U.G.E.N) for the PC.

Tj's Daily® is still sketchy with the details and capabilities of this game engine but we guarantee this to be 100% pure ultra fun. There are many, and we place emphasis on this, many Mugen videos on YouTube. The best that we have witnessed so far are the fights of Ronald McDonald vs Colonel Sanders of KFC and Ronald McDonald vs The Super Mario Brothers. For the benefit of the readers, we'll post both mentioned videos here:

Ronald gets owned by KFC.

Ronald owns Mario and Luigi.

Mugen players apparently have an affection for Ronald McDonald. Either they love him or they hate him. It seems that the red-haired clown is ubiquitous throughout Mugen videos (well, he's ubiquitous on Earth. Right?) And the fun and videos doesn't stop there. If you'll search deep within the Mugen marsh at YouTube, you'll find Godzilla, Peter Griffin (from the show "Family Guy"), Shinryuu (final boss from Final Fantasy V) and even the great Michael Jackson himself!

Characters taken from other 2D games (such as Ryu from the SF game series) remain unaltered as to their looks and their movesets. Custom made characters (such as Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders above) are customised and have been fitted movesets from different game characters scripts. In the particular video above, Ronald McDonald shows moves from Rio Brando and Iori while Colonel Sanders finishing move was taken from Gambit.

The system of Mugen itself is moderately simple. You just download .zip files of characters you want to play as and maps you want to play in from various Mugen websites, the most established and famous of which is Fanatic Mugen V2.5. Just be careful if you decide to start playing this game. There are some news that some downloads contain malicious codes and viruses. Mugen is for the PC only and is played with 7 keyboard keys. It is unknown to us still on how huge this game consumes HD space. But considering that this game is 2D, you won't need a PC upgrade. RuneScape specs would do.

So if it's Ronald McDonald vs Michael Jackson you want or just some plain old stupid fun, this game is for you. Free of copyrights and legal claims. Guaranteed 100% pure unadulterated enjoyment.

This has been a Tj's Daily® presentation. 'Till my next installment.

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