Street Fighter Tournament EVO 2004: A Very Momentous Moment

I've been like a Street Fighter fan half of my life now, but never like those afficionados who dress and/or act like them. There have been many ups and downs for the Street Fighter saga. Well, mostly downs, considering that the most recent SF movie was a big big big big big (need I emphasize more?) flop. At least that's what the people say. Never watched it, never gonna judge it. Maybe I'll watch.

Okay enough of that. Talking about ups and downs, I found a video on YouTube that's dated May 14, 2006 and my God it's old. The event itself was dated 2004, which makes it more older. But dudes, trust me. Every second of loading time is worth the wait. 3 years running and people are still watching this "EVO moment." Well, I dunno none of that except the fact that this video is a very very very very very (need I emphasize more?) good watch. I mean, where else can you see Ken with ultra-low HP combo-guarding Chun Li's massive kick special Kikouken in which after Ken finishes Chun Li who has almost half an HP bar full? It's only on YouTube baby.

Street Fighter Tournament, EVO 2004, moment #. Action:

I told you it was a nice watch. Even if you watch it over and over again you won't get sick of it. Like one of the users commented: "That 17-hit parry to super combo finish was poetry in motion. I've seen this video numerous times, but it's just as godly as it was the first time I saw it." Don't you agree?

'Till my next installment.

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