Safe And Sound: FF7 Soundtrack Feat. Kyosuke Himuro And Gerard Way

I can't say that this's just recently released since it was out more than 2 weeks ago, but man this song is cool.

I didn't do a music post for a while but this thing made me do it. Introducing the new ending theme song of the FFVII remake, Safe And Sound.

This video is a collaboration of 80's Japanese singer Kyosuke Himuro with the U.S.'s and MCR's own Gerard Way. A very excellent crossover indeed. I know both Japanese and American styles of Rock, but this is where it all mixes up smoothly. If this was a rockband crossover, it would be like a L Arc En Ciel-Linkin Park mashup.

Like one of the YouTube commentors said, this song really captures the general mood, or in my words, this song really captures the moment.

The new Final Fantasy VII trailer is at Square-Enix's website and at YouTube. But if you'll compare Kamen Rider Decade's opening theme song with this one, you could say that there's some similarities.

Nice music. 'Till my next installment.

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