Video: Wild Michael Jackson Appeared! - Pokemon

Almost everybody in the world knows what Pokemon is. A survey back some years ago even showed that people knew who Pikachu was without even knowing what show it was in.

Taking it deeper, Pokemaniacs would hunt the rarest of Pokemon, some of which are Arceus, Giratina and etc. Some Pokemon can only be acquired thru Nintendo Events, toy store events, and trades. But no matter how diehard a Pokemon fan you are, you'll never acquire a wild Michael Jackson.

Yes, you read that correctly. Watch the video below as one trainer attempts to capture a wild Lv80 Michael Jackson. A wild Michael Jackson is pretty strong. Well, far stronger than anything in the Pokemon universe IMHO. And a friendly warning to all: Kids, don't try this at home.

Never try to capture a wild Michael Jackson by yourself. You might get "censored". And be sure you're strong enough. *chuckles*

'Till my next installment.

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