New PNR Train & Station Graces Rails Of Metro Manila

A year back when I was still at college at a university in Manila, I used to see the old PNR train everyday at 7:30am. It was shabby, rusted, and scary. Everytime it passes by, insects fly out of its windows, no kidding. Trollies (its a makeshift vehicle made out of wood that runs on the rails of the PNR and serves like a mini-public transport) are raised aside everytime the train comes. The ground trembles as the train zooms out. Scary. Anyway, here's what it was like:

Recently, the Philippine National Railways released its new trains, fully furnished and air-conditioned. It's amazing. I call this progress. People used to be scared of the PNR, but would they still be after they see the new "it"? Here it is:

The insides are terrific (although it still lags behind the standards of today's trains, in terms of speed). Cushioned seats, good lighting, fashioned just like the LRT. What's good is, I heard the fare's just around PHP 10.00. That's a fair fare. Get it? Fair fare? Plus, the PNR made new train stations and redeveloped old ones. It's now very fitting for a joyride. No worries that it would break into pieces or something. People will ride it with the assurance that they'll be safe and comfortable. Plus, they'll have fun.

See more photos here, yes?

The only thing that ruins it, and no offense meant to anyone, are the informal settlers living beside the train's rails. These people threw dangerous and inconvenient objects at the old train's windows for fun e.g. rocks, water balloons, human feces. They find fun and joy in other people's pains. How would you feel if you're heading for the office then suddenly some guy from the ground splashes you with a dipperfull of water? Very inconvenient, yes? Lots of Gov't. Administrations have passed by and have done nothing to dispense of these informal settlers. I guess they'll be there 'till Kingdom come.

Anyway, you might be wondering what RIHSPI is. I researched about them and they turn out to be a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring and documenting the railway history of the Philippines. They're very cool and patient people, considering the fact that it's a very hard task to document and restore things people take for granted and can't care less about. These people need everyone's support. And they need your help:

RIHS Needs Your Help

We need volunteers who share the same vision of restoring and preserving railways and industrial heritage of the Philippines and has the motivation, knowledge, skills, and time to help the society achieve its purpose. Email us at

If you are based outside the Philippines, a student or a corporate sponsor and willing to provide assistance to the society, please email us at

The Railways and Industrial Heritage Society of the Phils., Inc. will spearhead the research and complete documentation of the Paco Railroad Station and surrounding communities and will play a major role in securing the declaration of the Paco Railroad Station as a National Historical Landmark. The restoration of Paco Railroad Station to its old glory will also be part of the efforts of the society.

If you have documents or information about the Paco Railroad Station or can help us in securing the declaration of Paco Railroad Station as a National Historical Landmark, please email us at

Membership Form
And for the closing of this post, I would like to thank the PNR itself for the progress they've made; the RIHSPI for their hard work and contributions, making us more aware than ever of things we didn't know; the Government for appropriating money for this project therefore extending the life of the PNR for another few decades; and to all those people who should be credited for this project. You've made a lot of people happy with this feat.

'Till my next installment.

*Disclaimer: I am not a member of RIHSPI; Videos courtesy of YouTube; Picture(s) courtesy of RIHSPI. Thanks to all.

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