Photo: When Dogs Don't Have Nothing Better To Do

Attention: Viewer discretion advised

I was off to Manila this afternoon when our female mongrel dog gave out a piercing shriek. I thought another dog bit it, or it got wounded or trapped or something.

What I saw was funny. I quickly grabbed my obsolete camera phone and took a shot. I hope I'm not offending anyone. Picture below:

What's funny to us is serious to them. Likewise. When they don't have nothing better to do, this is what they do. They remain like this for periods of time a couple of times a day. What I'm wondering about is, how did they arrive at this position? One should be on top of the other right? "Reverse" osmosis (water purifying process. Note the quotation marks). I'm smelling puppies - mongrel puppies - in a few months time.

Off-topic: It's customary here in the Philippines to give some of the puppies away, or any other newly born pet animal. Why, I don't know. Practical/Financial/Economic reasons maybe.

Just a WTF moment. 'Till my next installment.

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