Month Long Hiatus - Tj's Daily® Resumption

It's been a month and two days since I last posted here. And I though my blog was dead. Seems weird typing again in here, but I love it anyhow.

I've been busy - quite busy in fact, but I ain't gonna elaborate anyway. Confidentiality agreement. Plus, that typhoon they call Ketsana, well it unceremoniously destroyed my internet line causing me to purchase Globe's Tattoo Wi-Fi (which is guaranteed to suck big time by the time you plug it into your USB hub. Don't believe the commercials - they lie). The Tattoo Wi-Fi can't even access this page.

So here I am again, ready to say whatever. Tj's Daily is back online.

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  1. Hello! We're sorry you're not satisfied with Globe Tattoo. Please tell us what the problem is and maybe we can help-

    Or you can try these tips, too:


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