Armored Core 3 Portable CW Cheats

A short but mighty list. No all items here. These are everything you need to ace the game anyway.

_S NPUH-10023
_G Armored Core 3 Portable (Us)
_C0 Max Money
_L 0x2083883C 0x05F5E0FF
_C0 Inf. AP
_L 0x20472ED4 0x00009C39
_C0 Inf. Energy Gauge
_L 0x20472ED8 0x00006D60

If you're wondering how to install and use these codes on your PSP, I have a tutorial for it. Click here.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. _C0 Infinite ammo
    _L 0x204737A8 0x270F270F
    _L 0x204738A8 0x270F270F
    _L 0x204739A8 0x270F270F

  2. All The Codes Are Working Fine, Tested On CWCHEAT Latest As Of March 14, 2010 With PSP-SLIM/LITE.

    Extra Codes:
    _C0 Inf. Ammo
    _L 0x204737A8 0x270F270F
    _L 0x204738A8 0x270F270F
    _L 0x20473928 0x270F270F

  3. More Codes: (Couldn't Find This Anywhere..)
    _C0 9999 Exceed Orbit (EO)
    _L 0x00491DF8 0x0000270F

  4. it's very very useful code.

    Thank you, man

  5. need cw cheats for armored core last raven portable the ones that i have only give infinite ammo to bothe the right arm and the right back weapons and i need a cheat for all weapons if can make one that works

    really need it have a hard time with only two weapons to use


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