Music: I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin

For all those who still don't know who's Breaking Benjamin, better know them now. The video you're about to watch below is the OST of the movie Surrogates (starring Bruce Willis). Just recently watched it. It's cool, but that's another story. Now watch:

It's said that Breaking Benjamin (BB) makes one of the most emotional but musically diverse music. Their lyrics are always well thought of, their music is not too clean and not too dirty. Music speed goes from here to there then slows down. Add a few screams, musical perfection (depends on your taste). They remind me of Alkaline Trio, 36 Crazyfists and Senses Fail all at once.

Their fourth installment, Dear Agony, was released 29 September this year. Imagine, their fourth album. Now that alone says something. They're no one-hit-wonder. Listen to them.

'Till my next installment.

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