How to Install CWCheats | How to Use CWCheats

I had difficulty installing and using the CWCheats myself, so I decided to make this little guide to help all those like me before.

Installing the CWCheats:

1. Plug-in your PSP to your computer, open it, then proceed to the "seplugins" folder.

2. Look for and open the "cwcheat" folder.

3. Look for (an) icon(s) that looks like this:

It's usually named "cheat.db". ".db" stands for database. Sometimes though depending on your seplugins version, it could be named and in multiple files "CHEAT1.db, CHEAT2.db" vice versa. There's also a "cheatspops.db" file in here. Ignore that. We're after CWCheats.

4. Right click the file, choose "Open with", "Select the appropriate program from the list", then finally select Notepad. The file should open in notepad with lots of numbers that at first won't make any sense.

5. I'm assuming that you have already a cwcheat on hand as you're reading this. Open your cheat, copy it all, and paste it in the "cheats.db" file you've open with Notepad.

6. Save your file. That's it. You're fine to go. Just to make sure, your final file should look like this:

7. Unplug your PSP from the computer and completely turn it off (long off). Open it again while holding the R button. You should be in your CFW's Recovery Menu.

8. Go to "Plugins". See to it that your CWCheats are enabled. If they are, exit the recovery area. You're done.

Using codes:

1. Play the game you want to cheat. Load your file or whatever.

2. When you're actually playing already, hold the Select button for 3 seconds. A black screen would appear and will brick your PSP rendering it irrepairable resulting to its becoming a paperweight your whole life. Just kidding. The CWCheats menu would appear. It looks like Windows MS-DOS.

3. Look for "Enable cheats". It's initially set to [N]. Set it to [Y] by pressing the X button.

4. Look for "Reload Cheat Database". This line here will load the .db file you have saved your cheat on.

You have four cheat databases in your PSP and you have saved your cheat on cheat3.db


You should change the [0] in the circled area to [3]. This way your cheat will be loaded and applied in-game.

5. The "Select Cheats" option will allow you to choose the cheats you want to enable/disable. So if your game always becomes 100% complete after applying your cheat.db file, proceed to "Select Cheats". Chances are you're gonna find a "100% Complete" cheat there. Turn it off.

6. After applying all desired options, select "Return to Game". You should feel filthy by now, cheating your way through all those monsters and rare items. I mean, you should feel happy now, cheating your way through all those monsters and rare items.

Something to note though. If your game freezes while using cheats (usually followed by a sudden PSP shutdown), disable it. Sometimes the cheats would work through even if the CWCheat is disabled. Other than that, I haven't experienced any other problems. 

For those having a difficult time figuring the instructions above, please play the CWCheat Installation tutorial clip below:

Hope this helps.

'Till my next installment.

P.S. F*ck you TinyPic


sorry for asking this but im a noob in term of program in psp.... do i need to download cwcheats? or its on the psp already?

the codes really make sense..... you can probably add or modify the codes

download cw cheat,intall or place the cw cheat folder in the psp memory stick storage(seplugins) and then shutdown your psp...(totally close)----- go to the recovery menu by pressing L+R or R .... does not work..---- do it vice versa(hold the trigger buttons and then power on your psp) you must be already in the recovery menu --- go to plugins-- enable all... exit {thats it}..

step 2- plug in your usb cable through your psp go to the memory stick and then seplugins folder-- click on the cwcheat folder and then find the cheat.db --- open it with notepad. scroll down to the bottom and paste the codes.. your complete play the game you wanna cheat. :)

the game did freeze the the psp shutdown then i disabled cwcheats like you said but when i opened the game the cheats arent working.PLs help

is this working , or this cw cheat must dowload or not?

i've tried holding the R and L+R button while turning on the psp but nothing happen. what do i do?

does the psp have to be a new version like 3000 or something? because mine is one of the older ones and when i went into the seplugins folder there were no files at all.

Your PSP doesn't necessarily have to be new to use CW Cheats. There's lots of seplugins folder downloads on the internet. Google for one, download it and just paste it in the root of your PSP memory stick.

i cant do the no.2 in using the code please i need a answer........

when i open my psp in seplugins, doesn't contain anything, this is regarding about your step 1-3..pls help..

When I push "Select Button" in 3 seconds, nothing happened. Why? Please help me!!

Riiiiight. I did follow the guide step by step. But let's say I want 1 code only. I just add that code in. I go press select 3 secs load database 0 and then nothing happens. I try to manually choose code. Nope - nada. It's just takes me to the menu. And nothing happens.
I looked for a solution such as deletin everything in the cheat.db. Saved it as Unicode.
Added all codes.
Tried all options. Nope.
Hurrrrrr.... Ok What... am I doing wrong?

anonymous no.1, yes ypu need to download it

hold select and tadah the cwcheat will appear in your screen

holding the select button for 3 seconds ? nothing happens ... what should i do ?

can somebody help me.. when i opened the plugins in the recovery menu theres nothing in it ....

nothing pops up when I press "Select Cheats" just plain black screen

frezes restarts and cheats dont work y.

im using tempar im wondering if it stills supports this database

take note that some cheats may cause your game to freeze and shut down you psp,it really depends on the cheat...

Uhhh,i am a newb here
so i get all the codes and stuffs
but i hav a question
does any of u know wer to find the cwcheats for 5.50 prome?

^You just need to donwload the latest CWCheat plugin. It's called CWCheat v2.3 if I remember correctly. It would work for 5.50 Prometheus above.

Put the CWCheats v2.3 inside the seplugins folder in your PSP. and activate it by changing your vsh, game, and pops notepad files ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat from 0 to 1.

ummm...mind giving me the site?
i too lazy to find
sory :p

btw could ya gif me a guide on how to do it?
i am not realy the guy who understands everything in juz one talk

nvm i found it
but i still hav a question
when i try to press select game
nothing came up(i was trying NFS Undercover)
any solutions?

i got a problem with cwcheats, its similiar to what another person said on this post:
post number 67, my cwcheats work n all, however, when it analyzes the game id, it gave some awkward number such as HB8AD079FB for god eater whereas my god eaters id is actually ULUS-10563. my guess of why it analyzes an awkward number is because those that use 6.20 tn-d perma patch uses iso tools to create a xmb-icon or something. cwcheats is anyalzing that ICON that u created NOT the game itself, giving the awkward number. when i used freecheats, another software i used to try n get my save data back but failed too anyway, it showed the correct game id which was ULUS-10563.

What i would like to know now is how do i get it to work? how do i make cwcheats analyze the correct data? if you have an answer or something, u can contact me at

thanks dude it really helps specially in Tekken 6 all of my charcter is already TEKKEN GOD!!!

It works... But some cheats freezes the game... It works on Dissidia 012... But sometimes it freezes the game... But i've got all the cool armor and accessories...

somebody tell where can i get that kind of cw cheat. my files got corrupted

were website i can dowload the cwcheats pls tell me

My psp system software is running on 6.35 PRO-A3 (PSP3006) can i still install tis on it??
My seplugins folder is empty can u tell me where 2 download the cwcheats?
Now i m stuck in the 3rd birthday insane mode cant go on any further pls help thks.

i have a cheat database full of codes but when i go to load them in the cwcheat menu nothing ist here can anybody help me out?

umm my cwcheat doesnt appear when i press select for 3 seconds can someone help me out

Um i have Prometeus 5 and when i open my PSP in the Computer i didn't see any Cheat folder so i created one and put a cheat.db folder and pasted the cheat but when i open the pc in the Recovery Menu no Cw Cheat Help?

my psp system software is 5.50, does this cwcheat will work on it? i use the cwcheats for hexyz codes from your page, does it work with my 5.50 os?

how do we know where we saved our cheat? i mean, i don't know what number to input in the "reload cheat database'

I already put the codes in the Cheats .. but when i go to ''Select Cheats'' theres nothing there .... HELP PLZ :(

why is it not working on my psp?
my psp is 5.50 Prome-2
why when i played the game and then i press Select about 3 sec. But the CWCheat doesn't pop up >.< is it because i put it on wrong file or what? i put it in seplugins.

thanks b4 (sorry still newbie to psp)

it works on some games like fifa 11 but when tried for smackdown vs raw it hanged

I try enabling the cheats for DJ Max portable 3 and Dissidia Duodecim but instead the psp shuts off. That includes the other games too. I'd really appreciate the help here D:

ok i have a problem i have a psp 3000 and i know how to use cwcheats like a pro but i ran into this problem. im playing god eater burst and im on pro b10 fix1. the cheats show up i can enable them but for some reason i get no results out of them its like i never enabled the cheat. have any suggestions n how to get my cheats to work. ive played this game thru going on 4 times now and we all know thats a pain in itself. you can get in touch with me thru email

i have a problem when installing the cwcheats. i can't play my game. because its always hang after the game checking memmory cards. why ? then how can i fixed this ? thankyou..

All good.

only one problem: I accidentally my PSP.

what I do?

m8, i have 1 question.. there appears not a single cheat :o what am i doing wrong?

psp 3004 running on 6.20 pro-b9
no problem so far after installing this cwcheat, i just want to know what kind of cheats are included on the given cheat?

psp 3004 running on 6.20 pro-b9
no problem so far after installing this cwcheat, i just want to know what kind of cheats are included on the given cheat?

i am using psp-go after i had done all ur instruction but when i want
to oopen the cheat menu and select cheats (no code)nothing appear
i have already check the (cheat1) file and (cheatpops) the code is
still there is there any thing i missed??


nothing on the "select cheats" screen... Help Me!!!

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