Chinese Guy Got Remote Control Up Butt After Prank

Scary stuff. I know of people who lay flat on the ground after drinking binges. There are also those who bang their heads on the wall when they get too drunk. But getting a remote control stuck way up your ass after a booze session? Never heard of that.

Don't count the Chinese out though. Below is the x-ray of Huang Chen's (19) lower torso, still with the remote intact. Read the details.

A Chinese student appears to have been the butt of a somewhat strange prank following a nasty incident with a remote control.

Nineteen-year-old Huang Chen mystified medics when he turned up drunk at Hunan Hangtian Hospital in Changsha, complaining of unexplained pain from his rear end.

While being examined, the tipsy student turned over in bed, and inadvertently changed channel on the ward's telly.

Astonishing X-rays later revealed that the teenager had a TV remote control lodged up his backside.

Police say it was a part of a prank played by flatmates on Chen when he collapsed after a boozy night out.

"We didn't know what it was to start with. There was a little bit of blood but he didn't say anything about a remote control. We couldn't quite believe it when we saw the X-ray," said medic Dr Wei Lung Zhi.

"He will be fine in time but the remote was a write off," he added.
So the next time you're gonna get drunk, put that remote control away. You might be changing the TV channels without using your hands, you know what I mean?

'Till my next installment.

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