Tekken 6 CW Cheats (Updated 12/11/09)

If you want to raise your rank in Tekken 6 quickly or if you just want to purchase all accessories, we have all you need. But of course, cheating won't raise your leet skills.

_S ULUS-10466
_G Tekken 6 [USA]
_C0 Max Gold
_L 0x213DFD6C 0x05F5E0FF
_C0 Zero Gold
_L 0x213DFD6C 0x00000000
_C0 Infinite HP
_L 0x004078C2 0x000000FF
_C0 Instant Kill
_L 0x204081F0 0x00000000
_C1 Suicide
_L 0x004078C2 0x00000000
_C0 Stop Timer at 60
_L 0x208FBE4C 0x00000E11
_C0 P1 Play as Azazel (p1 costume)
_L 0x603fdaf0 0x00000044
_L 0x00020003 0x00000168
_L 0x200002d4 0x2000012c
_C0 P2 Play as Azazel (p2 costume)
_L 0x603fdaf0 0x00000045
_L 0x00020003 0x0000016c
_L 0x200002d4 0x2000012c
_C0 P1 Play as Nancy-M1847J (p1 costume)
_L 0x603fdaf0 0x00000052
_L 0x00020003 0x00000168
_L 0x200002d4 0x2000012c
_C0 P2 Play as Nancy-M1847J (p2 costume)
_L 0x603fdaf0 0x00000053
_L 0x00020003 0x0000016c
_L 0x200002d4 0x2000012c
_C0 Survival Max points
_L 0x00903558 0x3B9AC9FF
_C0 Gold Rush Max Bonus
_L 0x008ECDC0 0x3B9AC9FF
_C0 Gold Rush Max Reward
_L 0x008ECDBC 0x3B9AC9FF
_C0 Gold Rush Max Points 99999G
_L 0x008ECDB8 0x002DDCC9
_C0 Unlock Ending Movie & Prologue
_L 0x013DFD7C 0x00260001
_L 0x00000004 0x00000000
_L 0x013DFDA4 0x00000404

[Just put a _C0 and _L in the start of each line to use the cheat. Be sure you know what you are doing.]

#- Menu Mods -

#Save Rename
;Enter name in hex
;& save game
0x013dfd40 0x00000000
0x013dfd44 0x00000000
0x013dfd48 0x00000000
0x013dfd4a 0x00

#Inf Money
0x013dfd6c 0x000ff000

#Stat Boost
;All Chars 9999 Wins
;Tekken God Rank All Chars
0x013e1564 0x0000270f;Paul
0x013e1568 0x0000270f;Law
0x013e156c 0x0000270f;Lei
0x013e1570 0x0000270f;King
0x013e1574 0x0000270f;Yoshimitsu
0x013e1578 0x0000270f;Nina
0x013e157c 0x0000270f;Hwoarang
0x013e1580 0x0000270f;Xiaoyu
0x013e1584 0x0000270f;Christie
0x013e1588 0x0000270f;Jin
0x013e158c 0x0000270f;Julia
0x013e1590 0x0000270f;Panda
0x013e1594 0x0000270f;Byran
0x013e1598 0x0000270f;Hiehachi
0x013e159c 0x0000270f;Kazuya
0x013e15a0 0x0000270f;lee
0x013e15a4 0x0000270f;Steve
0x013e15a8 0x0000270f;Marduk
0x013e15ac 0x0000270f;Mokujin
0x013e15b0 0x0000270f;Jack
0x013e15b4 0x0000270f;Roger Jr
0x013e15b8 0x0000270f;Anna
0x013e15bc 0x0000270f;Wang
0x013e15c0 0x0000270f;Ganryu
0x013e15c4 0x0000270f;Asuka
0x013e15c8 0x0000270f;Bruce
0x013e15cc 0x0000270f;Baek
0x013e15d0 0x0000270f;Devil Jin
0x013e15d4 0x0000270f;Raven
0x013e15d8 0x0000270f;Feng
0x013e15dc 0x0000270f;Armor King
0x013e15e0 0x0000270f;Lili
0x013e15e4 0x0000270f;Dragunov
0x013e15e8 0x0000270f;Eddy
0x013e15ec 0x0000270f;Bob
0x013e15f0 0x0000270f;Zafina
0x013e15f4 0x0000270f;Miguel
0x013e15f8 0x0000270f;Leo
0x013e1604 0x0000270f;Lars
0x013e1608 0x0000270f;Alisa
0x013e135c 0xffffffff
0x013e1360 0xffffffff
0x013e1364 0xffffffff
0x013e1368 0xffffffff
0x013e136c 0xffffffff
0x013e1370 0xffffffff
0x013e1374 0xffffffff
0x013e1378 0xffffffff
0x013e137c 0xffffffff
0x013e1380 0xffffffff
0x013e1384 0xffffffff
0x013e1388 0xffffffff

_L 0x1014D00C 0x00004025
_L 0x1015350C 0x00003F83
_L 0x2056F294 0x3E5FB358
_L 0x1014E73C 0x00003F80
_L 0x1015350C 0x00003F80
_L 0x1014D00C 0x00003F80
_L 0x1015350C 0x00003F80
_C0 Enable Arena Mode Special
_L 0x1014D00C 0x00004025
_L 0x1015350C 0x00003F83
_L 0x2056F294 0x3ECF0000
_C0 Disable Arena Mode
_L 0x1014E73C 0x00003F80
_L 0x1015350C 0x00003F80
_L 0x1014D00C 0x00003F80
_L 0x1015350C 0x00003F80
_C0 Rage All Open 1/3
_L 0x213E1828 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1848 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1868 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1888 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E18A8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E18C8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E18E8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1908 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1928 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1948 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1968 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1988 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E19A8 0x00FFFF00
_C0 Rage All Open 2/3
_L 0x213E19C8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E19E8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1A08 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1A28 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1A48 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1A68 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1A88 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1AA8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1AC8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1AE8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1B08 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1B28 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1B48 0x00FFFF00
_C0 Rage All Open 3/3
_L 0x213E1B68 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1B88 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1BA8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1BC8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1BE8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1C08 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1C28 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1C48 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1C68 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1C88 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1CA8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1CC8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1CE8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1D08 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1D28 0x00FFFF00

_C0 Yellow Rage Effect Always Enabled
_L 0x00407C61 0x0000008D

Note: Cheats must be turned to 15Hz.

You can even dress up as Azazel or Nancy. Cool huh? FYI, I "God-ded" my Feng the hard way before I updated this cheat post. Imagine all the time I wasted.

Add: 12/11/09
*Thanks to Osmund Neuron for the campaign codes. What the campaign code does is it gives your Tekken 6 game on your PSP that campaign feel for the arcade battle from the PS3.

*Also added "Unlock All Rage" codes. You can only unlock Rage effects from the Super Roulette. It's not for sale in the item shop. Again, only from the Super Roulette. But of course with the Rage code, you'll be able to choose freely from the effects you've unlocked.

*Also check this link for the Dark Azazel mod, Arena mod, and the player color mod codes. Be sure to read through it carefully though, or ELSE. Click here.

'Till my next installment.

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