Supposed Playstation 4 News Leak

The Playstation 3 just came out right? To me it defined next generation gaming. Well, how about a Playstation 4? Read the supposed PS4 news leak below.
The PS4 is now being updated and has been underway since the PS3 was released.

Sony has concluded they are making a PS4, PS5, and PS6 and then they are done making systems.

Go figure. They said they have enough money that they no longer need to make a PS7.

I don't get why. The worlds needs will eventually get sick of the PS6 and want a new system.

The features revised in the PS4 are as follows:
1. Under MUSIC they will have sites listed to download directly from your PS4 to your PS4.
2. Under Friends they will let you block users in a game.
3. You will no longer need to update/sync trophy information.
4. The XMB will have more features (extras like psp) including tv channel
and more.
5. You can color the XMB's words like you can on here.
6. You can now do a chat with just headsets. Not just video or text but talk/headset chat.

These are the features included, and there will be more, features included and updated after release like every other system.

Just thought I'd share. Envision the coolness and hope I made you happy lol.

Yes it is early but they released whats being made/patched. Usually you brainstorm first and then use your best ideas. I'll clarify - for a story you'd write, you'd probably brainstorm a place, time, name, characters, ect...

I got this from an admin/worker at Sony. I'm friends with someone who works for the shooting games like socom and rainbow six, he does the guns and the sounds of them. He gets word and relays to me but I usually don't blurt it out until they start releasing. I just formatted my PS3 and I quit playing it as of 4 days ago. I had word from 2 weeks ago. If you don't believe me its okay. I'd understand. There saving the better stuff for the PS4 because they will run out of things to add-on ya know.

His name is macheu on the PS3. He wont add you though. He has to many people who ask him stuff and he only relays to a group of us (PS news group (PNG) a news release team).
I got it here:

So, what do you think? 'Till my next installment.

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  1. Based on rumors and speculation coming out of Japan, the company also considered – but decided against – a combination Cell/Intel Larrabee setup.


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