Old White Man Floors Young Black Man

I was surfing the web for some inspiration for a post, and unsurprisingly enough, YouTube again gave me an idea. The following video you're about to see is about a senior white man flooring a black man for talking too much trash and because of self defense. It's kind of funny, partly because the man is already in his senior years and because of irony (the "who's gonna kick who's ass" part).

If you watch the video carefully, the black man hits the white guy first, then retaliation. In the U.S., laying a finger on someone with malicious intent equates to assault. And more importantly, the white man has class. He walked away but the black guy followed him and wanted violence. Black man got what he wanted.

And for everybody's information, the white man's name is Thomas Bruso, a U.S. war veteran. He's got lots of pages and a couple of websites dedicated to him because most people that do love him view him as a hero. And to think this just happened 3 days ago.

Anyway, here are the websites I told about with further details on the topic:


Transcript (taken from encyclopediadramatica.com)

I AM A MOTHERFUCKER or Amber Lamps is an internet singularity quickly circulating JewTube featuring an older white gentleman, known here as Epic Beard Man. EBM misheard a young black man and thought he offered to shine EBM's shoes. Since EBM needed some shoe shinin' done he asked how much the nigra (who was spouting AC TRANZIT!!!) would charge for shining his Stacey Adams. The nigra, mistaking EBM for a racist that thinks all niggers shine shoes, takes off his glasses and starts getting his bug-eye going. EBM stated that he misheard the young man and that he doesn't have to shine his shoes, that he is not a racist and that anyone could shine his shoes - after all, it is an honest profession. The angry young man disregards this and presses further on with his accusations, threatening to break his foot off in EBM's ass. EBM denies this proposition and goes to the front of the bus to try to avoid any further trouble with the wild ape. The nigra runs up to the front (with support of onlooking nigras) and attempts to throw a shitty left hook at EBM, and gets his shit wrecked immediately by an amazing straight left punch after a feinting quick right.

The event occured on Bus Number 3057 of the AC transit system at the corner of 20th Street and Webster Street in Oakland headed towards the West Oakland. West Oakland is, incidentally, one of the less pleasant areas of the Oakland, in which USI is off the charts. The internets have exploded with discussion of the video, due in part to the old man's t-shirt (I AM A MOTHERFUCKER) and partly because a young black guy gets his shit handed to him by an old white dude. This guy is a hero not only to /b/tards, but to everyone that appreciates irony. EBM isn't racist, but most of his fans are.

The saddest part is, this is what's happening around all the parts of the world - ruthless aggression and violence without a reason. At least in this video the violence is justified as self-defense.

'Till my next installment.

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