Banker Gets Busted Looking At Nudie Pics During National News Broadcast

You see the guy in the upper left of the screen? He's a banker. A banker that's about to look at some naked pictures of Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr during a live news broadcast. Way to go, champ!

As Lakos studiously detailed the Reserve Bank's rates decision, hold interest rates at 3.75 per cent yesterday, over his shoulder a colleague was seen opening saucy photos as the cameras roll.

And just to make sure the audience got a good look at just who was viewing the soft porn, the banker turned to look down the lens just as Lakos threw back to the studio.

The action starts at 1:12 as dude takes a look around to make sure nobody's looking. Oh, nobody's looking alright BESIDES EVERYONE WATCHING THE NEWS. You, sir, are a shameful pervert (thank God we don't film Geekologie).


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