Man Submits Drawing Of Spider Instead Of Payment For Overdue Account

Just found this on the web, though this one's pretty old, 2 years old to be exact. I'm wondering where the hell I was when this thing got uploaded to the net. Good thing the fun value of this article is still over 9,000.

Now, 2 years ago, David Thorne didn't have money to pay his overdue account. Happens to everyone every now and then. But you know what he did that's so frickin' funny it's already genius? He drew a spider and e-mailed it as payment for the $233.95 he owed. Read the debtor-creditor conversation below:

By now I know you're doing the ROFLCOPTER in your living room while LOL'ing. Wait, don't die yet. Death due to excessive laughter is a very horrible way to die. And as if you can't laugh no more, there are other David Thorne conversations around the web that will make your stomach turn upside-down in laughter. Just google it.

'Till my next installment.

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