The New Nokia X6

There’s no room for being a little touchy-feely here, unless you are talking about Nokia’s latest and greatest music player, the Nokia X6. An awesome touchscreen device so beautiful it’s meant to be touched, the Nokia X6 lets you rediscover new use for your fingers in ways you never dreamed possible.

Go crazy with content, as the Nokia X6 becomes your ultimate platform for serious fun. For the music lovers, get your ultimate fill of one of the hottest R&B divas with Nokia’s Come Get Rihanna application.

Download three Rihanna songs from her latest album Rated R, namely “Russian Roulette,” “Wait Your Turn” and “Hole in My Head” through the Universal Music Group (UMG) voucher that comes with the new Nokia X6. But wait, there’s more—up to 2,000 tracks are also available for download from Universal Music’s library.

As an ultimate music device, the Nokia X6 makes it easy for listeners to access their favorite music, and through Nokia’s Independent Artists Club (IAC), they can download the freshest indie tracks through the MusicMix application free to all Nokia X6 users through the Ovi Store.

There are also loads of other applications from the Ovi Store, plus your fill of the most exciting game content to hit the mobile phone platform. From music to games and everything in between, the X6 will become the gateway to your personal multi-media playground.

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