TUT: How To Upgrade Any CFW To 5.50 Gen-D3 Final

Tried it for the first time actually, and it worked for me. Now I'm enjoying Gen-D3 Final.

I figured there's still lots of people who're looking for an easy way to upgrade their PSPs without going the long way. Fortunately for you peeps I'm here to guide you. All files here have been opened by me and are free of viruses/malware from the time I've opened them.

Checking your mobo

First things first. Download the file on this link to check your PSP's mobo (short for motherboard):


This program is called the PSP Identification homebrew. Extract it then copy paste it on your GAME folder. If you're using a PSP GO, a PSP 3000, or if you're running on an OFW, I can't help you. You don't need to do this if you're using a PSP 1000.

Run the pspident like any ordinary game. A black screen will appear with lots of text. If you find the characters "v3" on the data, your PSP's mobo is a TA-088v3, a non-upgradeable version. If you find a "v1" or a "v2", your motherboards are good. Scroll down and proceed reading.

WARNING: If you missed the point, this is not for PSP 3000's and PSP 2000's with v3 motherboards. Installing this to those will effectively make your PSP a paperweight. Use this only on PSP models 1000 (phat) and 2000 versions 1 and 2.

Installing Gen-D3 Final

The links below contain a straight upgrade file (patcher) from a 4.01 m33 or higher CFWs to the Gen-D3 Final. That means if your CFW is lower than a 4.01 m33, this patcher will not work.

Download Gen-D3 Final Patcher:


Now, read the following parts carefully. In this part depends the bricking or patching of your PSP.

Requirements and instructions

- Your battery must be at least 78% charged. The process will not continue if you're below even 1% of the requirement range. Charge your PSP now.

- Extract the file you have downloaded anywhere on your computer.

- Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.

- Copy and paste the "UPDATE" folder into /PSP/GAME

- Copy and paste the "550.PBP" file into main menu (the first page of your memory stick/the first window you'll open/the place where the VIDEO, ISO, PSP, seplugins etc. are located)

- Exit USB mode and run the "5.50 GEN-D3" from the GAME section.

- The Gen-D3 Final patcher will boot up. Press "x" to continue.

- Select "Flash Install CFW 5.50 GEN-D3" and Press "x". The patcher will start installing. Wait for it to finish.

- When the installation is completed, press the "x" button to restart automatically or the "o" to totally turn off your PSP. At this point, the patching process should be done. If you'll go to System Settings then System Information then Version, you'll see the 5.50 Gen-D3 in there.

- Now don't get excited. Don't play your games immediately. This is important. Back up all your files. It could be your games, your saved data, your videos, your pictures, everything you want to back up, back it up.

- Go to System Settings then Format Memory Stick.

- Turn off the PSP and go to your recovery console then proceed to Configuration. It should look something like this (if it doesn't, change it):

Configuration >
UMD Mod (Currently : Sony NP9660 -NO UMD-)
Use VSHMenu (Currently) : VSHMenu
Use Version.txt (Currently) : Enabled
CPU Clock XMB : 222/111 or Default
CPU Clock GAME : 222/111 or Default

- After editing the configuration files (if ever you edited it), turn off your PSP now.

- The most important step: Play your games.

Words from the author

I hope you found my guide useful. If ever you got your PSP bricked, you must have done something wrong. I did this on my PSP and it got through successfully.

Anyway, you can pretty much play new game after patching. The downside of this version: it won't let you play old PSP games. With that said, people argue on whether the Gen-D3 Final or the 5.00 m33-6 is better.

If you have questions, kindly use the comment feature at the bottom of this post.

Credits to Hako and arkcute22 for their help.

'Till my next installment.

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