Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker [US] & [EU] CW Cheats

At last, the MGS: Peace Walker is now in the US. Say bye-bye Japanese. This game has a very high replay value since it has lots of Easter eggs in store plus the sexy ladies. This Hideo guy is really a genius, putting Monster Hunter in MGS and all. I also heard there were Armored Core stuff in there too. Anyway, the cheats are below. Enjoy:

Attention 1: If you do have the KH_BBS.prx patch file enabled, turn it off so that the cheats below would work.

Attention 2: Some codes have bugs in them and some codes may not work.
_S ULUS-10509
_G Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker [US]
_C0 ---Confirmed working cheats----
_C0 Clearance time 00:00:00
_L 0x20019158 0xAE000034
_C0 Infinite Ammo
_L 0x200532D4 0x24020000
_C0 Camouflage 100%
_L 0x2017E924 0x240203E8
_C0 Invincible
_L 0x201148B0 0x24050000
_C0 Soliton Radar always on
_L 0x20246504 0x1000028A
_C0 All Items developed and have all items x1
_L 0x20049B98 0x00000000
_L 0x20049B9C 0x24020003
_L 0x20049BA0 0xAC820004
_C0 All Weapons Level 3
_L 0x20049758 0x24030003
_L 0x2004975C 0xA0830016
_C0 The largest combat force capabilities (including GMT +) (Max Stats & GMP - All Staff Roster)
_L 0xC0030384 0x0A200800
_L 0xC0030388 0x3C010001
_L 0x20002000 0x3421869F
_L 0x20002004 0xAC810038
_L 0x20002008 0x2401270F
_L 0x2000200C 0xA4810044
_L 0x20002010 0xA481004C
_L 0x20002014 0x3C0104E2
_L 0x20002018 0x342104E2
_L 0x2000201C 0xA4810052
_L 0x40002020 0x00030001
_L 0xAC810054 0x00000004
_L 0x2000202C 0xA4810060
_L 0x20002030 0x240103E7
_L 0x40002034 0x00040001
_L 0xA4810064 0x00000004
_L 0x20002044 0xA4810082
_L 0x20002048 0xA4800076
_L 0x2000204C 0xA480007A
_L 0x20002050 0xA480007C
_L 0x20002054 0xA4800080
_L 0x20002058 0x0A2120B6
_L 0x2000205C 0x8C840038
_C0Speed x 1.25 times
_L 0xC017C2A8 0x00C08021
_L 0xC017C2B0 0x4614003C
_L 0xC017C2B4 0x3C033FA0
_L 0xC017C2B8 0x44836000
_L 0xC017C314 0x46146302
_C0 Speed x 1.5 times
_L 0xC017C2A8 0x00C08021
_L 0xC017C2B0 0x4614003C
_L 0xC017C2B4 0x3C033FC0
_L 0xC017C2B8 0x44836000
_L 0xC017C314 0x46146302
_C0 ---Cheats below-----
_C0 ---may not work-----
_C0 Total Time 00:00:00 Games
_L 0x2050242C 0x00000000
_C0 Time to stop
_L 0xC0019154 0x00000000
_C0 Life Zhi unabated
_L 0xC0195DDC 0x00000000
_C0 Infinite props 1
_L 0xC00FE44C 0x02401023
_C0 Infinite props 2
_L 0xC00FE308 0x24130000
_C0 High-speed mobile
_L 0x2044E398 0x00000410
_C0 Always equipment C4
_L 0xC025E118 0x0E20041C
_L 0x20001070 0x2413011A
_L 0x20001074 0x03E00008
_L 0x20001078 0xA4530052
_C0 Recruits will be 6
_L 0xE0020009 0x007EE448
_L 0xD07EE450 0x00000006
_L 0x207EE37C 0x24170006
_C0 Recruits will be women
_L 0xC00421E4 0x2408FFFE
_L 0xC00421FC 0x02682824
_C0 Recruits will be men
_L 0xC00421FC 0x36650001
_C0 Railgun largest
_L 0xC0061560 0x10000006
_L 0xC0061564 0x24040C00
_C0 Fulton ecovery female
_L 0xC0042644 0x0E20BF50
_C0 Fulton recovery male
_L 0xC00418F0 0x0E20BF3B
_C0 Stunrod largest
_L 0x104F77B0 0x00002710
_C0 Hero greatest degree of
_L 0x604F5068 0x000F423F
_L 0x00020001 0x00000B30
_C0 Development interface and then determine (hold triangle) the development of legislation which looked
_L 0xE0073EE6 0x0080b24C
_L 0x20804E6C 0x00002821
_L 0x2080B258 0x8C620004
_L 0x2080B25C 0x50520127
_L 0xD0000002 0x10001000
_L 0x20804E6C 0x24050003
_L 0x2080B258 0x24110003
_L 0x2080B25C 0x50000127
_C0 All Developed
_L 0xC00487D4 0x0A200400
_L 0xC0049B98 0x0A200400
_L 0x20001000 0x10800002
_L 0x20001004 0x24010003
_L 0x20001008 0xAC810004
_L 0x2000100C 0x03E00008
_L 0x20001010 0x8C820004
_C0 All AI chip
_L 0xC010F398 0x00002812
_L 0xC010F39C 0xA0A20000
_C0 All Medals
_L 0xC0313C1C 0xA065ADA1
_C0 Full title
_L 0xC0313A48 0x24020017
_L 0xC0313A4C 0xA062AD98
_C0 Delete the selected props by □
_L 0x200487D4 0x10800002
_L 0x20049B98 0x10800002
_L 0xD0000001 0x10008000
_L 0x200487D4 0xAC800004
_L 0x20049B98 0xAC800004

_S ULES-01372
_G Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker [EU]
_C0 Infinite Ammo
_L 0x20101EDC 0x24050000
_C0 Infinite HP
_L 0x20110004 0x24050000
_C0 Infinite Stun Rod
_L 0x204F7770 0x00002A10
_C0 Infinite Items
_L 0x200FE308 0x24130000
_C1 -------------
_C1 --Random--
_C1 -------------
_C0 100% Camouflage
_L 0x1017DF54 0x00001000
_C0 Fly Code 1
_L 0x604F501C 0x00000002
_L 0x00020001 0x000000C0
_C1 -----------------------
_C1 --MotherBase Mods--
_C1 -----------------------
_C0 All Weapons Developed
_L 0x200487D4 0x00000000
_L 0x200487D8 0x24020003
_L 0x200487DC 0xAC820004
_C0 All Items developed
_L 0x20049B98 0x00000000
_L 0x20049B9C 0x24020003
_L 0x20049BA0 0xAC820004
_C1 ----------------------------
_C1 --Sniper Zoom Mods--
_C1 ----------------------------
_C0 Sniper Zoom Mod 1
_L 0x604F501C 0x40A00000
_L 0x00020001 0x00000744
_C0 Sniper Zoom Mod 2
_L 0x604F501C 0x41A00000
_L 0x00020001 0x00000744
_C0 Sniper Zoom Mod 3
_L 0x604F501C 0x42A00000
_L 0x00020001 0x00000744
_C0 Sniper Zoom Mod 4
_L 0x604F501C 0x43A00000
_L 0x00020001 0x00000744
_C0 Sniper Zoom Mod 5
_L 0x604F501C 0x03A00000
_L 0x00020001 0x00000744
Thanks and credits go to these people: -Dinesy-, Hiei-YYH, pspmetalgera21, and -SniperSnake-. Time to play then.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. I don't know if it's just me, but whenever the enemy go into red alert and are about to fire the game freezes, I have D3 and eur game.

  2. You must use the D2-D3 Switcher by Red Squirrel. MGSPW hangs on GEN-D3 but it runs perfectly in GEN-D2. Google it and download.

  3. hey thanks... i've been looking for this ^_^;


  5. fuk gend3 oiff load of poo now try this

  6. the max stats trick does not work for me please help

  7. ^Check your game version if its Europe [E] or US [U]. Codes won't work on different regions even if they're the same game.

  8. can i get a cw cheats for my peace walker?evry time ai download it my memory is always corrupting....maybe i have some wrong steps...i really dont know how to figure it me dying to gain all weapons and items....

  9. hey tj....what kind of cw cheats are qoing to use in peace walker?and how can i install it without corrupting my memory?do you know how?

  10. ^I'm guessing that your MGS:PW ISO is corrupted or not fixed very well. Use my contact form. Send me an e-mail regarding your question. I'll answer you from there.

  11. does this work on 6.35 PRO-B5

  12. I have MGS PW EUR and i'm running 6.39 B8 and whenever I enable the cheats the game Freezes :S

  13. Um...might be kind of late for this, but what does the _C0 The largest combat force capabilities (including GMT +) (Max Stats & GMP - All Staff Roster) codes do exactly? I would like to use it but it seems like it has no effect on my staff what so ever.


  15. how to know your mgs pw game version

  16. i cheack on my info in mgs pw but there are no versions....plss helppppp...

  17. you can check your psp game version if you have a cwcheat, press select for a bit and you can see its "game id" that's your psp game version. (you can see it on top of "select cheats")

  18. The ammo code isn't working so good, is limited. I choose the patriot machinegun and run out of ammo

    I located another and it's works

    _C1 Infinite Ammo
    _L 0x200532D4 0x24020000

  19. ^works in ULUS-10509


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