New Killzone 3 Details

Killzone 3 is aiming to be bigger and better!, New details about the game were revealed in the latest issue of GamePro magazine, and it looks as though developer Guerrilla Games is looking to take the Killzone franchise to a whole new level.

The most notable change to the gameplay for Killzone 3 is the inclusion of jetpacks, which seem to act as a form of double-jump for crossing terrain more quickly and easily. The developer says the jetpacks resemble "something you do in platformers such as Super Mario Bros. or Uncharted."

Shooting an enemy wearing a jetpack makes them explode "like roman candles."

Another major addition is the option to play the game entirely in 3D, which requires 3D-enabled glasses and television to work. It was stated that this added a nice effect to the arctic snow level Frozen Shores that was shown in the demo. The snowflakes become more noticeable, and enemy bullets pop out as they fly past your head.

The gun combat remains relatively unchanged from the previous game. A new weapon was detailed, The Wasp, which discharges rockets that look like a swarm of robotic insects.

The levels are also said to be much larger in scale compared to the past game.


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