Biggest CWCheat Database Download (11/02/2012)

Updated November 02, 2012: CWCheat Database Download Link updated with newest database. Thanks to nickxab as always.

I guess you're tired of looking up cheats for old games every now and then. Hey, maybe you're a first time CFW user who doesn't have the latest CWCheat database. Well, you're at the right place. You can find the solution here: the biggest CWCheat Database.

With the help of this CWCheat Database, you could cheat your way through the oldest PSP games you can find to the latest PSP games you could buy! Need help with defeating that Tigrex in Monster Hunter? No problem. You keep dying on Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker? Easy. Like I said, this CWCheat Database would help you through anything!

How to install CWCheats

Go ahead and grab the links below to download the latest CWCheat Database:

Last updated: November 02, 2012
Size: 4.14 MB

Click here to download the Biggest CWCheat Database (Shareflare)*

*Link is working as of November 02, 2012

*Skip the AdFly and LinkBucks link by going straight to the upper right corner of the AdFly and LinkBucks window and clicking Skip this page.

*Look for the FREE tab at ShareFlare to download for free. You don't need to pay a single cent. You could also press CTRL+F and type FREE on it if you can't find the free option on ShareFlare.

For all the people that can't figure out where the FREE tab is (and really, I'm wondering why you can't find it, is it that hard to find?), this is for you:
For first time CWCheat users: The file above is a notepad file saved as CHEAT.db. If you need help installing and using CWCheats, click HERE.

Credits to nickxab for making this huge cheat compendium possible.

'Till my next installment.

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Hi. Little help please. The download link of the cwcheat database seemed to be dead.

^Hey Lawrence, thanks for reporting that. I've fixed it now.

hi, why is that i cant see any item on the selected cheats, i followed all your instruction carefully but still. i cant find any cheats for kingdom hearts

The download link of the cwcheat database seemed to be dead.

It's not dead no more. Updated the dead links. Sorry for the inconvenience.

how can i get the lightseeker keyblade for the america version?? please i really want it!!! can anyone give me exact instructions on how to use the cheat for kingdom hearts? it would be greatly appreciated!

Links restored. I uploaded it on Hotfile - finally. If that link gets broken again I'mma go nuts.

I downloaded your database but my PSP crashes everytime I use it.

Check the game you're using it with first. Make sure that there are no extra notes or instructions on cheat usage for a specific game before activating cheats. Sometimes freezes occur because of this.

I also suggest you upgrade to the latest version of the CW Cheats plug-in. It's now in version 2.3, I think.

If problems still persist, you can contact me up there.

the link is broken again, or at least, its been taken off the site

the link doesn't work it says it's been removed

Link re-upped.

Damn, people do report a lot of links nowadays. Even .txt files? Come on.

Isn't there any updates? Almost a month and hasn't any updates. Codes for Worms:Battle Islands plz.. Thanks

Yeah right. I just checked it right now and it's still up.

link's dead. email me a new link

thanks in advance! :)

Hey why loot of cheats freeze game ? I use 0.23 Cwcheat now i back to 0.22 version and it works better without many crash

Hey thanks for this sir by the way is this cheat savable?

^Hey there!

Most of the cheats are savable. There's just a few that would bug your save game. Anyway, most of the big time games today accept the CWcheats without any side effect. So just game on!

both links seem to point to shareflare which is bad because shareflare is asking me to pay to download

You don't need to pay anything at Shareflare. Just look for a tab that has a big "FREE" plastered on it. Click that and you'll be able to download without paying a single cent.

Is it me or the download link keeps make me wait 45 sec to wait for my turn?

no its not hidden like the writer said scroll dwn tha window stupid

Author, could you add cheats for Ys I & II Chronicles?

hmmm... it opens a linkbucks page with a justin bieber photo xD what i can do? I cant download it...

omg i am noob.. i didnt see its an add sorry fot these posts and thank you for the nice database

The link to shareflare seem to be dead...

I tested the link just and downloaded the file meaning the link is NOT DEAD. If you don't know how to go through LinkBucks just go to the upper-right corner and press Skip this Page. You'll then be redirected to the Shareflare download page.

Please follow the instructions and don't be idiots. Do not say dead link when in fact you just don't know how to follow instructions.

link has worked fine... thanks for that... but the length of time between updates is.... frustrating... hopefully it will be fully updated when things are done for 3rd birthday... but thanks all the same for this updater, works better than using notepad ;)

there is no link this time, goes to a page telling you there is no link in the hypertext line

The system seemed to have inserted a "%20" line on the address code, that's why it won't open properly. Sorry for that. It's fixed now.

c'mon what the hell is this download server? megaupload plz.

plz add dissidia 012 doudecim ENG and god eater burst ENG cheat code
-unlock all items and max money

i cant find the free url, i tried typing in the ctrl+f option, still nothing

^Skip the Linkbucks page first by going to the upper right corner of the Justin Bieber page before doing CTRL+F.

Any file share system but sharelinks, it keeps whinning no link, using FireFox or Internet Explorer or JDownloader (as suggested) or my usually IDM which never fails, all dead, dead, dead

FileSonic seems to be the favourite at the moment as HotFile is having a delete any account we feel like purge ... hint

The link is certainly not dead, but when I click the Free button and then click download file, it makes me wait for 45 seconds and then, when the countdown finishes IT RESETS TO 45 SECONDS. Is anyone else getting this?

hi, the cheats.db of god of war:chains of olympus is not working in my psp. after applying some cheats (3-4) my psp hangs and switch off..
btw, 5.50 prom4 cfw. thanks.

Regardless what browser I use, I get the same thing everytime. Clicking the 'skip this' button in the top right corner of the advert it waits forever then times out saying the link isn't available, regardless how many times I try or when I try. Too many downloads and lack of bandwidth as it is a free link they do put some download restrictions on files ??

Tj are you a filipino cause i notice your name is panganiban

for those having a hard time downloading this database, i've created a megaupload links.
just click it and download it via free or premium..
thanks to sir TJ for the cheats.db
credits to him..

macoi thank you so much!

For anybody else, I've uploaded another few mirrors in case that link goes down:

Cheers guys!

sir can you add *exp and ap boost in 1 battle cheat* in dissidia 012 duodecim EUR version plz

thanks in advance

thanks for the alternative links,
i was able to download without any probleme!

Thank you for re-uploading the file on another file Server.

& not forgetting an extremely appreciation to those who makes this cwcheat updates possible. =))

When I load up the select menu during games, I enable the cheats then go to select cheat and none show? Help?

Thank you for everything.

just to let you know the database is still corrupt with some 380 plus errors.

to those that are having hanging issues this is the problem this character >> << showing up in codes and code names

ok so the copy/paste didn't work so well. using notepad++ to view the database it shows up as an black square saying ACK with the first occurrence on line 586 as seen here.

ur name AKA GOD

proud to be filipino also.

some of the cheats dont work... T_T
can you fix it... ^_^

yeah good post, i like it, continue please.

good night from spain =)

hey! thanks for this! i just downloaded it. i'm a first time user of cwcheats, so kinda hopin' this would work. also, kudos sa mga pinoy diyan! hahaha.

can you add some cheat codes for patapon 3 pleasee thx

can you add God Eater Burst (EUR) codes?

@Anons 77 and 78

If the cheats you're looking for is not included in the database, you could search Tj's Daily! for it. I have CWCheat posts dedicated to those games.

thank you ,so much.
But one small thing in the cheats for harry potter and the goblet of fire only the 34000 beans for harry seems to be working.
once again thanks.

TJ,do you have cwcheats for DISSIDIA 012? thanks a lot in advance. :D

@Anonymous 10:35AM

Hey guy, here are the links for the Dissidia 012 USA version and JAP version respectively:

Can You Pls Add 3rd Birthday and White Knight Chronicles.... i dont know how to make .db so pls make one?? request ^^ im only 12years old so i dont mind being called a noob cuz i am :D i only know copy paste.

the file cant be download. it said that its been removed or something... fuck men!!

Okay, new Mediafire link is up. Download as usual.

wers the mediafire link?

cant download in shareflare


file not founde error 404 fix it plzzzzzz

there are no gran turismo cwcheats????????????

Guys, dead link, really? I just downloaded the CHEAT.db file as of this comment's timestamp. Follow instructions on how to download at Shareflare.

Thanks a lot !

CHEAT.db "08/12/2011" mirrors :

I am looking for Kidou Senshi Gundam Shin Gihren no Yabou cwcheat code, can somebody help me please





somebody need to upload full package cwcheat with this newer database becuse on my cwcheat there is not showing any of cheats in any game i dont have a fucking idea why is this not working right now

#98 is absolutely dumb only an idiot wouldnt see the huge FREE written in there

im so sorry i cant find free download please upload another wep

This comment has been removed by the author.

shareflare's 45 second wait to download keeps looping over and over doesn't let me download

plz upload it to another filehosting site.

PS #100 is absolutely dumb (c)
this "the huge FREE" button appears depending on your IP.

What the hell, SHareflare keeps looping 45 seconds over and over again, I can't download it!

The link isnt working, please upload it again, thanks

I checked the link just now, it's still live. Your browser might have a problem.

hi pinoy ka ba tol? help mo ko sa cwcheat.ini please tnx

haha dude. sucks to be an admin with idiots asking this and that.

but hey, its your job and thanks for your hard work. this is a great site and all.

sir. is this cwcheat thingy works in a psp go with a 6.60 pro cfw?

The Link is Dead....already checked on other browsers

When it counts down from 45 secs after going to 0 secs it repeats again from 45 secs...

Thanks For Having this :]
It works perfectly

there is no Free TAB on shareflare,
How can I download?

i have brrn trying the link from november and it still is not working..........this is a rip off

Yeah, just goes to a paysite. No free tab. Use a different host please... no scams.

Really guys, a rip-off, a scam? You can't find the FREE tab? For crying out loud read the instructions. If you'll take some time to read, maybe you've downloaded the file a long time ago.

its loops again and again when the 45 sec counter appears

just downloaded it no problem I don't know what you guys are talking about...

Works and has no problems. Also the free tab is so obvious only a blind person can miss that thing.

linkbuck is a trash, i click it and a blank page appears. refresh it many times but is has nothing!

Says file not found is it broken or am i stupid

File not found? Looks like many having this problem. Thank you though for providing this for free :)

Hey guys TJ Here. I tested the link just now and it's still up. I'm using Firefox. You could be having problems temporarily.

Link's broken. File not found. TJ, could you update again please? And e-mail a link to as well.

Damn...this link seems to be taken down a lot. Can you upload via mediafire?

Y'know, I understand that you like to get your monies from all the clicks, but it'd be nice if you had a few alternate links.

This hotfile mirror (posted somewhere above) is working

Thanks TJ and gnownad for the mirror.

I think has blocked IPs from the US. I used a proxy to set my IP as though it was originating from sweden and the page loads.

Yes, that could just be the answer. If you guys live in the US, use a proxy or use an internet anonymizer. Either of that would work.

ive been trying the links u put up for 3days now they dont work can u reupload em or something does not seem to have a "free" option. :( this link works fine

Can you reupload it. Says the file is gone.

Thank you for the upload. I was able to download it.

sir.. i clicked the link and it says here that no data received :( i'm using google chrome.. but i'll try to use firefox now and i hope it will work..

Hi can you please reupload the file? it seems that shareflare is broken for me. Kindly send it to this mail Thank you

can you please add Fate/Extra USA Version? thanks in advance!

File is dead again. I get the message File not found

FYI most people cannot use ShareFlare, especially in the U.S. It will say "File not Found" instead of providing a free option.

1. Search for European Proxy
2. Paste Shareflare URL
3. Select Free
4. Click download
5. ???

File not found. Any other place I can download it?

Just search for an anonymizer or a proxy and paste the link there. It'll work like magic. does not seem to have a "free" option. :(

@ TJ

A what? What is an Anonymizer or Proxy? I'm sorry, I do not know much about computers.

Just go to, put the link there, and it will anonymize it for you. What it does is mask your IP address so the website you're visiting won't know where you're coming from. Especially helpful with country-specific sites.

I can go all the way until it locates the file. then after waiting for 45 seconds, the download button never appears. this circular loading symbol just appears, quite like the one an iphone has in the status bar when it's loading something.

@ TJ

Yeah, it's stuck on 45 seconds and will not go past it. =/ Thanks for the help anyway.

It wouldn't work for me, either. :( I tried a whole bunch of different sites. The ones that worked, never got past the 45 second thing.

you mate are my god for today, tyhank you for this update

Guys, I've tried downloading this for a while now but it hasn't work until now. So, for those that can't download this for some reason, I've took the liberty to upload this for you guys

It's 454kb because it's compressed.

And shame on those that couldn't put up a better mirror download : P

Thank you so much for the mediafire link.

I've been trying to download different versions of this and they've all been dead. It's been very aggravating. A simple rapidshare link could have a long shelf life. Instead of this Adware maze.

yes, the link is dead again please fix, thank you very much for this btw, VERY MUCH appreciated :D

Thanks Anon. Shareflare apparently hate US ip's.

LOL created 2006? thats the old version of cwc cheat

This comment has been removed by the author.

LOL created 2006? thats the old version of cwc cheat and he didnt say what version

Dead link, why dont you upload on a reliable site like Rapidshare or Uploading?

If you can use Mediafire instead, it will be a really big help

Your link is dead. Don't you keep an eye on your stuff? You only have an ****load of comments saying it doesn't work anymore. from previous posts is still live :)

Guys, it's not dead, I just checked it 6/16/12 13:08 PM. Just learn how to use a proxy for the love of humanity. Mediafire links get taken down every now and then. If the link shows as dead, your country is probably just blocked.


Never thought to use a proxy. But, hey, it worked.

still working. hope it will not go dead.

Link is dead... recommend uploading somewhere else, or p2p sites

This one I found in other comment works. I just don't know if it's recent...

The Hotfile version is not the same thing,

Here's the file:

OP, please upload this to a Mediafire MIRROR.

sir, please help. maybe anybody can send this to my email. im using a corporate internet, the server blocks all my DL. please anyone help me. my email is

Please please please!!

Anywhere... anywhere BUT linkbucks or those stupid survey sites. ANYWHERE but those. Thank you.

Using for the work of other people isn't appreciated.

link is dead, would you please upload it in mediafire?

Dead Link is dead well more or less "File Not found" was hoping to get a more updated CWCheat.db than the one I found. DL from a few people whom have commented however i'm not sure how updated the database is.

I think the link is dead. There is no "free" anywhere on the page and I even use the search with ctrl+F on the word "free".
It says the file cannot be found. Can you upload to multiple sites?

Why don't you use a hoster that WORKS like netload or Mediafire or Hotfile or the hundreds that doesn't make you jump through hoops just to I find out the link is dead. This guy must get money for clicks.

The link isn't dead !
I have downloaded it already!

There's a problem when I try to dL the database everytime the counter comes down to 0 it just stays there and nothing happen can you upload it to another site like mediafire thanks

after countdown ... there's a captcha then click 'link download' and you're done

Link doesn't seem to find the file anymore. I've been trying for a couple minutes and still haven't been able to download this.

NO!! it aint dead there must B A free tab somewhere!

the link of the file cheat.db is working, thank you.

I can't find any "free" in shareflare. please upload to other websites.

Shareflare does not allow users in the USA to download from them.

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