God Eater Online for PSP

Update: Hey, God Eater Online has been finally launched! Check it out HERE.

Got some very great news for CFW users from freelance game developer Coldbird. He's going to release a mod to your God Eater which will enable it to go online, thus the name God Eater Online. Says Coldbird from the BBS Celes Network:


"God Eater Online is a extension to the original game, coded by Celes Network to take the original game online! No USB! No Xlink! Just your PSP!"

Guarded as one of our top secret projects, it's now time to unveil it.

We've been working on a true online version of God Eater for some time now and finished a early internal version today.

We tested it internally and it's working pretty good so far.
We intend to fine-tune the code over the following week and hopefully provide you a release soon after.

Unlike our freely available projects, like the God Eater Translation, this one will be available for donation-purchase to cover the monthly costs necessary for operating this server.

If this project is successful, we might consider offering online tunnel servers for other games as well.

Says Coldbird more:
Unlike playing on Xlink Kai, etc. this service will feature network code optimizations which are game specific.
Or in other words this means, it will play just like any other TRUE online game.

This means: no manual fiddling with adapters, cords or additional tools like Xlink, it just works.
Such a system however requires dedicated servers and of course people who administrate them, which costs us money to provide, which explains the required fees we pass on to the endusers.

We however do consider housing pre-announced free-2-play days, where non-paid-users can join in on the fun, but only if the server costs for that month are already covered.

Yeah. If this project becomes successful, expect a surge of PSP players. Also expect the name Coldbird to be etched in the world of the PSP underground history, not that it isn't already.

I say this: Even though there's lots of complications to be had, rest assured that with Coldbird's caliber everything would go through sufficiently.

'Till my next installment.

[Source: BBS Celes Network]

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