Hilarious Ultraman Pictures

I was randomly surfing the web when I landed at Mike Yip's blog, specificall this page. My two-hour Ultraman laugh-a-ton then started.

I mean, who wouldn't roll over the floor laughing with these?:

Here you see them praying before fighting alien monsters.

Here you see them attending a ceremony dressed formally.

And here you see them enjoying FIFA! Woohoo!

If you didn't laugh, maybe you're not that versed with the Ultramans (yes, with an "s". I think Ultramen doesn't apply here). Anyway, men in funky suits make me laugh. Just like this:

I wish I own an Ultraman suit like the people above. Or that giant stuffed-toy-whatever costume above. Call me eccentric. But seriously, I'd wear them on cosplays.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. The one at the bus stop is Totoro (the big grey one with the umbrella), it has nothing to do with Ultraman.....
    You fail.

  2. Gryph, I do understand that it has nothing to do with Ultraman. Please comprehend the sentences more carefully next time.


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