Hot Shots Tennis [U][E] CW Cheats

It's not tennis season, but hey, you can play tennis anytime you want. That also goes for the PSP. With the new Hot Shots Tennis Portable, you can play tennis anytime, anywhere. Enjoy:

Note: Check your game version. You might be running the Europe version or the US version.

US version:
_S UCUS-98701
_G HotShots Tennis [U]
_C1 999999 Store Points
_L 0x2095C670 0x000F423F

EU Version:
_S UCES-01420
_G Everybodys Tennis HST [E]
_C1 999999 Store Points
_L 0x205AD4A0 0x000F423F
Credits to the legendary Baldassano for releasing the codes.

'Till my next installment.

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