Mayweather Admits Being Gay, Disappoints Father, Fans

Las Vegas, Nevada – "There's just no denying it no more. I'm gay," undefeated boxing super icon Floyd Mayweather Jr boldly said in a press statement released Tuesday.

The teary-eyed champion admitted his homosexuality because of alleged rising pressures and demands from the boxing industry. Mayweather Jr said that he can't cope up with the stress and can't "sleep no more" with the turn of events in his life.

"It's just that on one side, Arum's pressuring me to take on his boy and I can't do that," he said when asked about the boxing super fight between him and Pacquiao slated for November.

When asked why is it only now that he admitted his homosexuality, he said that "I can't keep on delaying the Pacquiao fight forever. Sooner or later I'll run out of excuses. I'm just afraid of him."

Donning a pink Armani shirt and suit, Floyd Mayweather Jr tore the contract Bob Arum gave to him in the hopes of finalizing the super fight deadlined mid-July in front of flabbergasted media and boxing fans.

A person in the crowd shouted "Gayweather!", further disparaging the multi-division champion. Some of the audience broke down in tears after Mayweather's announcement.

Golden Boy Promotions Inc. CEO Richard Schaefer and founder Oscar Dela Hoya both bolted out to the exit of the press conference area after the contract tearing. An unmistakable mix of anger and shame were seen on their faces as they were leaving.

Mayweather's admittance comes in after a series of excuses he made for his super fight with Fighter of the Year awardee Manny Pacquiao. One such excuse, as said by Mayweather himself, was the Olympic style blood-testing he was forcing on Pacquiao to prove that the latter was free from performance enhancing drugs. "It wasn't needed. I know he's clean," Mayweather said in the MGM Grand Hotel.

Meanwhile, Bob Arum said "I totally understand PBF's coming-out. If I was to fight a someone with a caliber like Pacquiao I'll be afraid too. It's just unfortunate that the super fight ain't going through."

Bob Arum, owner of Top Rank and promoter of Manny Pacquiao, said that he is considering Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito for the November fight. "Cotto's in good shape. He just beat Foreman. But you gotta put into consideration the annihilation Margarito brought to Cotto two years back," he said.

When reached for comment, Floyd Mayweather Sr blasted Pacquiao for doing this to his son. "That Pacquiao ain't nothing but a 'roids user! He should just go back to his country and pray to chicken bones! With that said, I have no gay son!", he said in his Nevada home.

Floyd Mayweather recently beat "Sugar" Shane Mosley in a 12-round decision match. This win ensured Mayweather himself that he's still the undefeated pound-for-pound boxer in the world. Mosley meanwhile was ranked as the fifth pound-for-pound boxer in the world by The Ring Magazine.

The Mosley-Mayweather fight came into existence after a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight collapsed due to Floyd’s drug test demands.

Mosley was supposed to face Haiti’s Andre Berto in a title-unification match, but Berto was forced to pull out after some of his family members were killed in the earthquake in Haiti.

"This was a big blow to the boxing industry," Pacquiao coach Freddie Roach said in a statement. "If this means Mayweather is going to leave the industry again, it's a very great loss indeed. He's one of the best fighters alive today. I do hope nothing changes with his stances after this event," he said.

"Let's respect his decision to come out of the closet. I just want him to know that our community is here for him and that we will accept him with open arms," a LAMBDA spokesperson said in a call. LAMBDA is a homosexual rights agency aimed to reduce gender discrimination. "We're still waiting for Dela Hoya though," the spokesperson said jokingly.

Suspicions about Floyd Mayweather Jr's sexual orientation further arose with his appearace on Chealsea Handler's show "Chelsea Lately", where he insinuated that Dela Hoya is hiding something about his sexuality and that he was not gay.

Turmoil in the boxing industry is expected to ensue with this surprising revelation, especially among the Pacquiao and Mayweather "super fans". The World Boxing Organization is expected to hold a closed-door meeting this Thursday with regards to the case.

Pacquiao's camp cannot be immediately reached for comments.


Associated Press writers Aryu Sirius, Gabe Asher and Candice B. Fureal in Philadelphia contributed to this report.


This is a work of fiction, a parody. Everything written above that line over there are fake. The AP writers name written above are also fake. There are no such persons, and if there were then it's just pure coincidence (see Aryu Sirius: Are you serious?; Candice B. Fureal: Can this be for real?) I wasted an hour and a half writing this.

To those who are offended by this article, I apologize.

Again, everything in this post, except the paragraphs after the line above, is made up and is pure fiction. Do not use this for news because this is not news. This is fake. This is as FAKE as silicon implants. I do hope that, after all the fakes I've mentioned here, no one would mistake this for actual news for this is fake.

Quick notes:
• The article written above is fake;
• The article written above is not fact;
• The article written above should not be used as a base for facts;
• The article written above is not intended for hate, racism, animosity, or anything of familiar nature. It is intended for entertainment purposes only;
• The article written above is a parody.


'Till my next installment.

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