MGSPW: How to get S-Rank on Date with Paz, EXO 67

I guess by now you've seen YouTube videos of Big Boss wearing a tux and Paz wearing only her white oh-so-wonderful undergarments on a beach. I bet your perverted mind is asking you how the hell those guys on YouTube did that. Scratch that. I bet you're screaming in your girly voice "ZOMGBBQSAUCE HOW DID CHUCK NORRIS DO THAT!?" Simple: Get an S-Rank in EXO67. If Paz ain't enough for you, get an S-Rank twice on EXO 67. Here's how to do it.

On mission prep:

1. Make sure you're wearing your tux and have brought your Love Box (at this point in the game I'm assuming that you dutifully upgraded your Love Box to at least Lv3);

2. Go to Co-Ops Command and change your commands to the most encouraging/most positive ones. Hell, I'll give you the list anyway. Equip these voice coms:
It's not over yet!
You're pretty good.
Good to have you!
Kept you waiting, huh?
Don't die on me.
I knew you had it in you!
Box time!
Get inside!
Sorry... I just...
I like it!
3. Once you got all those, head to the mission. Stand near Paz, press Start, and go to Co-Ops Command. It's the one with the joypad buttons on it. (Note: It would be nice to activate the Infinite Stun Rod cheat before heading to the mission. You can electrocute Paz 'till forever. If you're a sadist, of course);

4. Say each of the commands one by one. Make sure she resumes to her normal posture (see: standing up straight gyrating left to right as compared to "bending over" to her right) before saying another command or else she won't recognize it. You can repeat commands up to two times so long as you don't repeat it right after using it;

5. Here's the important part: You must make her "climax" to her +200 affection rate. To do that, you must say the Co-Ops commands 15 times. Each accepted command will give you 1 heart. So in saying the commands 15 times, she'll give you 15 hearts. That's equivalent to the +200 affection rate. Some say you should communicate with her up to 20 times. I made mine 17, just to be sure. Anyway, you'll notice that she'll do a change in posture and a loud ping sound when you reach the +200 rate;

6. Here's the most important part: Equip your Love Box right now. She'll crawl inside it and say "Room for one more?" After a few seconds, she'll say "I feel awkward" or something like that (instead of the usual "It hurts!" or "Don't be so rough!");

7. Voila! An S-Rank. Nice eh?

Anyway, remember what I told you about Paz not being enough for you? Guess what? Like I said, S-Rank EXO67 twice, then go to your Motherbase, Staff Management screen. Look for Cecile, Amanda, and Strangelove. Press triangle. Okay, maybe twice if the first press didn't work. More goodies.

One last thing. Some will argue that this is totally pedo stuff. That's arguable since many challenge the real age of Paz. They can't settle if she's really 16, 13 or 22. Go figure. No slapping your monkey with this stuff.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. I tried to get the second S rank, and when I started the mission, I saw Paz has only a bikini (perhaps, half naked) this time. You should mention this alone, to make people more exiting!!! LOL


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