PSP2 delayed due to hardware issues

It looks like Sony's next-generation handheld game system has hit a snag again as reports are now circulating that the often rumored PSP successor will be delayed even further due to some processor issues. According to Charlie Demerjian over at Semi Accurate, the PSP2 will be powered by Nvidia's Tegra 2 chipset, but due to its power consumption issues, the Japanese video game company is now holding back the development of the device until Nvidia fixes its stuff:
"It is now set for a CES showing, but it will almost assuredly be released at a later date. This isn't due to the number of engineers mauled by moles yesterday, but because the Tegra 2 is massively over it's promised power budget. In a segment that finds 5% overages unacceptable, Tegra 2 is 20%+ over power budget. That explains why Nvidia PR suddenly changed the focus of the PSP2 screed to avoid the word 'phone', but, luckily for Sony, the PSP2 does not have phone capabilities."

"The power 'whoopsie' means delays and possibly spec downgrades for the PSP2, but we will have to see where it ends up. Between that overage and several showstopper bugs, Sony is said to be very miffed at Nvidia right now. Even the moles could sense that before they pounced on engineer after engineer. The scene in the streets is almost as bad as the scenes in the Nvidia meeting rooms when the Sony people come around."
So there you have it guys, if these rumors are true, I guess we're not going to see the PSP successor anytime soon.

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