Super One Blogger Contest: Win an Android Phone!

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We know how super you make us feel every time you try our new products and services. Now, let us be the one to make you feel absolutely SUPER.

SUPER ONE is Globe’s all new service for people who love to call and text that super ONE in their lives. It could be a friend, a family member, a partner, or your sweet and gentle lover. And because you’re our SUPER ONE, we’re giving away a SUPER PHONE to that super blogger friend who’ll give us the best blog entry about their SUPER ONE!

Details after the jump, but here’s what we’re giving away: a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S Android phone!

To get a chance to win that Super Phone, follow these steps:

1. Post an entry on your blog about the question, “Who is your Super ONE and why?”

2. The entry should include a photo OR video of you and YOUR Super ONE.

3. The entry should also include links to this blog post and to the Super One page (that’s

4. Leave your blog post URL as a comment on this blog post for us to validate your entry.

5. Deadline of all entries will be on August 8, ONE PM.

6. Entries will be judged according to this criteria:

Use of Photos or Video – 20%

Uniqueness & Originality – 20%

Theme & Content – 30%

Creativity – 30%

7. The winner will be announced on August 9, 2010!

So start writing those entries and tell us all about your Super One now! Who knows, with one blog entry, you just may be the winner of a super Samsung Galaxy S top-of-the-line Android phone! So spread the word, and start blogging about your Super One!

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