World of Warcraft Player Quits Game After 5 Years and Having No Friends at All

YouTube user "haiksterbnh" decided to quit playing the highly addictive World of Warcraft after 5 years, wasting 24,000 hours in the process, realizing that he had zero friends at all. The 34 year-old "haiksterbnh" deleted lots of his characters, two of which are his most treasured: His level 73 Shaman and his Level 80 Priest. He also imparts some wisdom to would-be players and pros alike at the end of his tearful video. Watch it below:

And he's right. The more you look cooler online, the more sadder your personal life is. I know some good friends who succumbed to the MMORPG curse. Those friends of mine got their future lives ruined because of that.

Think about it.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. It may seem sad to hear but it's a good thing for him for he can now start to live anew and find the real happiness outside the virtual world. He really need some vacation 'coz I can imagine how tiring it was to farm wow gold.


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