Car Town Cheats, Hacks, Bots and Templates for Facebook (Updated)

Developed by CIE Games for Facebook, Car Town deviates from the norm of games in Facebook that are mostly all about farming, cooking up food, and training your mob to become pro-Mafia. In short, Car Town brings a fresh look on Facebook gaming.

Car Town news have been slow and there's not much noise for this game. There's even no recent Car Town cheats to be had. The only thing that's clicking for this game are Car Town templates.

The game's incredibly simple: Collect, connect, and race. Best of all - you get your own garage. Kidding. The game dons a free-to-play model while offering premium services like premium cars, premium accessories, speeding up in-game services and the like. So if you want that premium car with that custom paint job so bad, unfortunately you'll have to shell out a couple of bucks for it.

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Anyway, you've landed in this page looking for Car Town cheats, hacks and templates. I have Car Town cheats right here that would work with the help of the famous Cheat Engine program for Facebook. Car Town cheats, hacks and templates for Facebook below:

Car Town Cheats, Hacks, and Templates for Facebook

Car Town 9999 Score Cheat

Cheat Engine v5.6
Mozilla Firefox
Car Town account
A friend to race with

1. Open Cheat Engine v5.6 and your Car Town account;
2. Click on the computer icon on the Cheat Engine and find Firefox.exe. On the Cheat Engine, go to the icon which looks like a computer with a magnifying glass (upper left portion) and open it. Select "plugin.container.exe" and enable Speed Hack v0.5;
3. Here's where your friend comes in: Challenge a friend to a practice run;
4. Click Scan first then input the score you want to acquire (probably 9999) on the Cheat Engine;
5. Go to Car Town, click on Practice Again but do not race yet. Change the score value box on the Cheat Engine to 0 (where you put 9999 previously) and click on Next Scan or perform a new scan;
6. Double-click the icon on the left side of the Cheat Engine and it will go down to the lower box. Click on the last value you'll see, change it to your desired score, then click on the small box;
7. After doing #6, go back to Car Town and start the race with your friend. Be sure not to foul the race/to win the race because even if you max out your desired score on the Cheat Engine (9999), you'll just have the maximum score allowed on your car's HP on the race results page;
8. See your score max out and be astounded.

I also found some Car Town tips on the web, courtesy of It's a downloadable which I think is in .pdf format (Adobe). I haven't verified it yet, but you can. Car Town tips download link below:

Click HERE to download Car Town Tips (1.7MB)

I hope you enjoyed my Car Town Cheats, Car Town Hacks, and Car Town Templates post.

'Till my next installment.

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Could u make a video on how to do it properly?

yeah.. could you do sample because it is not clear.. thank in advance

how it work? got problem with step 4 and 5. I cant understand. aw! please help!!

can you give a detailed explanation its confusing....

i tried your cheats or whatever it works..but,,once you leave the game..everything goes back to another word''it does'nt work.

in #6 what is in the left side of cheat engine.. be more specific

I want to get free points and money.. How I do that??? Please respond me to

i cannot understand..can you make a video on how to do it.....

The #10th Anonymous that commented is right
And pls make a video I cannot understand and I cannot download the file!!!There is no surveys in our country just upload it on megaupload

i cant understand at step #6
if i double-click the CheatEngine will be close automatic....

I won my Pink Slip race thanks to this trick. =D

step #4 and #5 pls elaborate.. i cant understand it.. =(

could you make it clearer ? are you sure it's going to work ..?

instructions between #5 and 6 is a little confusing.... ^_^

it will work, but it wont save, but nice try

for any game in face will work..but it wont save..then it a waste of time

its not work bro its just client side -.- we must one program again that is fiddler

Hey guys i found a video on how this cheat works though haven't tried it yet.. :D

itu plugin.container.exe dpt dr mana? hmmm keren tp blom berhasil gw

i can confirm that its working its jsut that sometimes it goes through sometimes it dont

kang add fb abdi nya biandt silence ok abdi ti sunda

It doesn't work for me.
Our monitor will show the score you input.
But actually you don't get that score !

ngga bisa di pake ih gimana cara yang details nya dong


ye i got problems in steps 4 and 5. could elaborate more, thank you!

hey mo rons.. this cheat will not work.. even if youve reached the max score and even if youve done the steps correctly.. this cheat will only last for a very short time.. it will reset