PSP underground dev Crevox - known for spearheading the Tales of Graces English patch - returns with another mod. And this time it's an English patch for Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X. Verbatim statement of Crevox below (complete with instructions):

Here we go again. Some of you may have known me for making the Tales of Graces menu patch. I never finished the entire menu due to the game being translated completely by another group, and I was satisfied with how much was done.

So, I decided to move on to this. This is only a menu translation patch. If someone else wants to be pro and translate the whole thing, kudos to them, but I'm just providing a patch that will help people play through the game for what they can. Don't expect it to translate EVERYTHING, but I will translate as much as I can. Please do not yell at me to translate "this" or "that." I am working at my own pace and getting as much done as I can. It is a CONSTANT work in progress, much like the Tales of Graces patch was, and you can expect big changes very fast. I will be releasing as I go.

I happily accept bug reports and suggestions. Feedback makes me happy and drives me forward.




Update log:

-Translated a majority of the menus in general.
-Translated the rest of the battle menu (I was missing a couple after-battle messages)
-Translated the records menu (except for ONE thing I couldn't translate)
-Translated the rest of the status menu
-Translated missing button commands on random menus (Synopsis, Monster Book, etc)
-Translated most of the monster book. The only things left are categories and monster types (If someone can provide these it would be nice)
-Translated the password menu and all of its messages
-Translated party member messages (swapping positions, etc)
-A bunch of other stuff I can't remember
 Update log for v0.09

-Translated MANY artes. There is a LOT of artes in this game, some with odd names. I was not able to do all of them in one go, but I did a lot.
-Fixed some skill descriptions and clarified them (Push Guard, HP Blaster, for example)
-Translated the rest of the item valuables. Every item in the game has an English name now!
-Translated the monster pen at the Narikiri house.
-Translated some more random menu messages.

You will need custom firmware to apply this patch.
1) Make a backup of your game in ISO form onto your computer.
2) Open UMDGen, and open your ISO.
3) In PSP_GAME/SYSDIR, you will see a file named EBOOT.BIN. Right click this file and click "Extract selected." Extract it to the same folder as your ISO. Note, if you are using the Prometheus module to load your game, you will need to extract EBOOT.OLD instead.
4) Open ppf-o-matic3.exe. Click the disk next to "ISO file" and choose your EBOOT file (you will need to use the dropdown to view all files).
5) Under "Patch", select the top patch ppf file, and click apply.
6) In UMD_GEN, go to File -> File List -> Export, and save the file in the same folder and name it "file_list.txt".
7) Click the EBOOT file in your UMDGEN and press your Del key. The file will disappear. Drag and drop your patched eboot file from your folder into the window. Ensure you see it in the window now.
8) Go to File -> File List -> Import, and select "file_list.txt".
9) Go to File -> Save As -> Uncompressed, and save the file as an ISO under any name.
10) Put the ISO on your PSP in the ISO folder and load it like you would load any other backup. Your game is now patched.

1) This game has some requirements to bypass to run on custom firmware. I will provide no support in doing this, only applying the patch.
2) This patch is confirmed to work on a PSP. If the game does not load for you, then something is wrong with your method of loading backups. I personally will provide no support in loading the game, but hopefully others will.
3) I will not help you get custom firmware on your PSP.
4) Nothing in the patch is final. Anything can be changed at any time for any reason.

PICTURES (may not be up to date):

I hope the patch helps you. :)

Let's thank Crevox for making yet another wonderful add-on that would drastically improve the game play of this otherwise undecipherable game.

For further updates, you could go check Crevox's nest. Or here. Anyways, here's the CW Cheats for Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X if you're interested.

'Till my next installment.



  1. ermmm i dont

  2. can u explain 1 by 1 step and send that step to

  3. in File -> File List -> Export, save what file

  4. Um could u tell me the progress of ur patch?
    Email me @:

  5. can you do this with tales of phantasia X too?

  6. i don't understand the 'top patch' part. could you please tell me more detail about it?
    my email:
    thanks a lot

  7. i got the answer from

  8. it say "Error! Next available LBA position is 1460 but LBA[\PSP_GAME\SYSDIR\EBOOT.OLD]position is 596!" what shud i do??

  9. for what is the top iso ppf? in the intsrucktions you don't say for what it is good for

  10. The .ppf file is the one you're going to use to patch your game using the ppf-o-matic program.

  11. Wut?? I used your patch v 0.9 and the
    changelog states that some artes and
    items were translated and yet when i
    aplied the patch to my eboot.old it only
    translated er... the menu??

    no artes nor items... or do i have to also
    use the TOP ISO v 0.9 ??

  12. Woops! yep i just needed to also aply
    the TOP ISO v 0.9 PATCH directly to the iso
    now the items and artes are translated!! yay!!

    Excellent work buddy i hope the patch continues
    smoothly XD

  13. um firstly the person who posted that they want a tales of phantasia x patch is nuts,there already is a full english patch just go look for urself at any torrent site.and thanks a bunch dude for that menu me it REALLY helped.keep up the good work man.

  14. i just wanna ask, will you be translating the story as well?

  15. is this patch including the story translation??

  16. the names are still in Japanese what am i doing wrong??:( a little help much appreciated

  17. press triangle and then the right button to highlight your character, then press O. this will bring up the status of each character. you can select the top section where their name is (just above "title") and change the name. to get english character set, hit select twice in the naming screen.

    i hope this has helped you.

  18. : are the current patch are fully translate ? if no i can wait be abit more longer TT! . Oh since many people here are kinda confuse about the steps ? why don't you made a video on how to do it ? it would be a blast ! ><!

  19. does this work on CFW Prometheus-2?

  20. please post the clear steps in my yahoo mail....


  22. in umd_gen go to file->file list->export what file? and save what file?

  23. Umm, this isn't working. I'm on this step right here:

    6) In UMD_GEN, go to File -> File List -> Export, and save the file in the same folder and name it "file_list.txt".

    There is nothing to export. Could you be more specific? Or are you done with this patch and, therefore, done with the people who wish to play it?


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