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Update: Looks like you've arrived at my outdated Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Demo page! The whole game is out now. And while you're at it, why not CLICK HERE to check out and download the latest Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English translations, quest guides and village walkthroughs!


Whoops! Looks like Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is now out. Now, if you're that guy who's keeping tabs on this game, you'll know by now that there are lots of additions, monsters, weapons, and armors in this game. Frankly, I don't know more than that. It seems that we're both at a loss at more information on Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Anyway, it's free to download below:

More details below:

Now, the game is in Japanese so don't expect any North American version yet. And with this game being in an EBOOT.pbp format, don't look for any English translation patch. But I guess for Monster Hunter veterans and experienced players, figuring the language barrier out ought to be no problem at all. A few hours game time is all that they will need. Free PSP games download links for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd below:

Free PSP Games Download Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Demo Part 1 Here (MegaUpload link)

Free PSP Games Download Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Demo Part 2 Here (MegaUpload link)

Game: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
Genre: Role-Playing/Monster Hunting
Size: 139MB
Version Requirement: 6.31 OFW
Release Date: North America - TBA
Password: kiss[space]of[space]death

Installation instructions:

1. After downloading and extracting the file, plug your PSP onto your computer;
2. Go to your PSP, locate the PSP folder;
3. After locating the PSP folder, locate the GAME folder;
4. Copy and paste the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd file in the GAME folder;
5. Play the game.

What's great is, the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd demo game is "working." This is made possible by Luckybrat and Kiss of Death. A big thanks to these guys.

Now, the only thing to decide upon is, which is the best monster hunting game out there? Is it God Eater Burst, Lord of Arcana, or Monster Hunter Portable 3rd? You decide.

'Till  my next installment.

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  1. Omg, xD shut up, your making people suffer... next time put some real LINKS.

  2. How do I download from that site?

  3. link to part 1 is not working

  4. link 1
    link 2

    for thous people to stupid to get it to work >.>

  5. also lord of arcana looks promising. but i might just stick with monster hunter. I'll probably buy all three just to make sure i don't miss out on a future gem.

    why no comment on phantasy star infinity? its kinda like monster hunter

  6. I downloaded them both, and got them both onto my memory stick, but the demo isn't there. My memory decreased though.

  7. 1st link doesn't work

  8. The demo doesn't work... It's too bad...


  10. plz dont compare god eater to monster hunter... god eater is like a chinese copy of monster hunter. is easier to control everything you do hits the mob try doing that on mh and you'll see and the rythm of the battle is way to fast on god, it isnt shit its a great game but its like something that you would play while monster hunter isnt realesed

  11. Anyone knows or this works on 5.50-prometheus?
    'Cause I tried the one on ffinsider, but that one didn't work, sadly...

  12. The demo doesn't work on PSP with official firmware ! Arghhh !

  13. son of a bitch!!!!

  14. R73Q-F5BJ-5DB8

    its my extra code(for ofw users)
    if you need more codes then

    if you use cfw, i can't help you, the dl is scattered everywhere except torrent sites. >.>

    happy hunting!

  15. I got it so on computer i see mhp3rd symbol on file. However when I go on my psp and click it it says corrupted data. What did I do wrong?

  16. What should the file say that you put on psp MonHunPor3/ or MonsterHunterPortable3/. I put both on. To get the st one i extracted the 1st download thing. But i got some iso thing. So i extracted that and tried putting it on both are corrupted thoh.

  17. for me monster hunter trilogy gets me bored, i dunno why....

  18. does dis works on 5.50gen homebrew???

  19. i think you should put the real the real game, and not only the demo links :D

    Free Torrents Download


  21. OMFG!!! This is in a stupid iso format!!! It's a demo people!!! Why would we need it in an iso format!!!!! DEMO'S SHOULD BE IN EBOOT.PBP!!!


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