God of War: Ghost of Sparta [EUR] [USA] CW Cheats (Updated: Legionnaire 11/08/10)

The biggest PSP game of the year, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, has just been released!

Taking place during Kratos' time as the God of War, the story will expand on Kratos' origins and reveal the background on the lost city of Atlantis (mentioned by Poseidon in God of War III). Among Kratos' new foes will be the legendary King Midas and the sea monster Scylla.

The "Origins" trailer reveals that the relationship between Kratos, his mother, and brother (whose name is revealed to be "Deimos") will be explored in the game. The trailer also features the Gravedigger from God of War (Zeus in disguise).

Now, enjoy the God of War: Ghost of Sparta CW Cheats below:

Note: Before saying "OMGWTFTHISSHITDOESNTWORKZZZZORZRAAARGH", check your God of War: Ghost of Sparta version. It might be [EUR] or [USA]. The [EUR] version is colored RED and the [USA] version is colored BLUE.

_S UCES-01401
_G God Of War: Ghost of Sparta [EUR]
_C0 Can Move Normally at Sparta
_L 0x2014AC0C 0xACE003B8
_L 0x2014AC4C 0xACE003B8
_C0 Unlock Legionnaire Costume
_L 0x50401B64 0X0000006B
_L 0X00401AC8 0X00000000
_C0 Ultra Big Kratos
_L 0x00303F24 0x3C043FF9
_C0 Orbs (No Decrease) FIXED
_L 0x604312A8 0x0001869F
_L 0x00002001 0x000000F0
_C0 Infinite HP
_L 0x604312A8 0x42C80000
_L 0x00020002 0x00000064
_L 0x20000068 0x00000000
_C0 Infinite MP
_L 0x60587364 0x42C80000
_L 0x00020003 0x00005824
_L 0x20000024 0x20000078
_C0 One hit kill
_L 0x200453B80 0x461C4000
_C0 Red Soul 1 times magnification
_L 0x200453B78 0x461C4000
_C0 Open the hidden elements
_L 0x60426CE4 0xFFFFFFFF
_L 0x00020004 0x00000018
_L 0x90000001 0x00000000
_C0 All skill levels max
_L 0x60426CE4 0x00000003
_L 0x00020002 0x00000028
_L 0x90000001 0x00000000
_L 0x60426CE4 0x00000001
_L 0x00020002 0x00000030
_L 0x90000006 0x00000000
_L 0x60426CE4 0x00000003
_L 0x00020001 0x00000034
_L 0x60426CE4 0x00000003
_L 0x00020004 0x00000038
_L 0x90000001 0x00000000
_C0 Max Zens
_L 0x60426CE4 0x000F423F
_L 0x00020001 0x0000004C

_S UCUS-98737
_G God of War: Ghost of Sparta [USA]
_C0 Max Orbs
_L 0x6042FCA0 0x000F423F
_L 0x00020003 0x000000F0
_L 0x200000D8 0x20000000
_C0 Infinite HP
_L 0x2042FCA8 0x08801000
_L 0x6042FCA0 0x00000004
_L 0x00200002 0x00000068
_L 0x10000000 0x00000000
_L 0x60001000 0x00000004
_L 0x00000002 0x00000070
_L 0x10000064 0x00000000
_C0 Infinite MP
_L 0x6042FCA0 0x43480000
_L 0x00020003 0x000000F4
_L 0x200000D8 0x20000000
_C0 Infinite Rage
_L 0x2042FCAC 0x08801004
_L 0x6042FCA0 0x00000004
_L 0x00300002 0x00000074
_L 0x10000000 0x00000000
_L 0x60001004 0x00000004
_L 0x00000002 0x00000174
_L 0x10000170 0x00000000

All codes are tested and working.

Credits to Baldassano, Omarrio, and especially to Hiei-YYH for making the God of War: Ghost of Sparta CW Cheats. Now I'mma play this while it's hot.

'Till my next installment.

[Photo by Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica Studio]

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  1. when i press the cwcheat button why does it not have the cheats in it even I copy it Ah men!!!!

  2. This is just another remake of the game, right? I don't understand how remakes can be fun... Especially on the PSP. They don't make anymore interesting titles...

  3. how to enter this cheats in may psp?

  4. not working......
    all the codes i've found on the net

  5. freezes my psp....

  6. this is bullshit freezes mine too

  7. Please check your game regions. I'm playing the EUR copy of God of War: Ghost of Sparta and everything works fine.

  8. please please i beg of you can you show a tutorial on how you put it because i tried ten times already with euro and usa god of war but when i turn it on it just won't activate

  9. Go here to know more about installation: http://tjsdaily.blogspot.com/2009/11/tut-how-to-install-and-use-psps-cwcheat.html

    I also suggest updating your CW Cheat engine to at least v2.2 or to v2.3. A simple copy-paste would do.

    If you're updated with the CW Cheat engine, check your enabled plug-ins. Some plug-ins conflict with each other. Try turning off KH_BBS.prx for example, if you have it.

    The most unfortunate is, some fixed ISOs don't like the codes above. I'm using John Titor's EU release and everything works fine with it.

    Why not also go to this link - CW Cheat Database - for more God of War: Ghost of Sparta EU CW Cheat codes: http://tjsdaily.blogspot.com/2010/07/biggest-cw-cheat-database-download.html

  10. It freezes when i try to activate the codes, how do i stop this

  11. can anyone help me how can i make LEgionnaire cheat . doesn't work for me .

  12. it freezes when i use big kratos

  13. thanks alot only needed the legionnaire costume

  14. how to download this???

  15. Who can create endless makeup of anger for Gears of War [EUR]?

  16. tanx men it works just fine....

  17. Thanks it works but the infinite Magic does not work when you are dead the game resumes again.. Does anyone have this problem or? The health is ok its just the magic..

  18. I love above all cheat code which is blissful for me. I am really crazy for God of War series. I have completed God of War 2 in 52 hours. I have recored my whole game. I will show out few video as soon as possible.

  19. does work for me :( I did everything but no luck.. please someone can upload some video that this is really working ;) thanks..

  20. Thanks man! Works perfectly fine on mine.

  21. Mine is EUR and i used EUR but there's nothing in the select cheats

  22. it worked just fine but the infinite mp is not working because it's freezing my psp

  23. were to download??

  24. its freeze my psp........
    i think the problem is in the psp..???
    what was your psp's system software...???

  25. Pls make a UK version of EU "god of war ghost of sparta UCES-01473"
    tnx because it freeze hehehehe

  26. _S UCES-01473
    _G God of War: Ghost of Sparta [EU]
    # <*Credits: bfo77582369, Codejunkies, Flywithme, Fullcodes, Hiei-YYH, Logikz, raing3, Testbot*>
    _C0 Infinite Health
    _M 0x08C53BFC 0x00000000
    _C0 Infinite Magic
    _M 0x08C53C04 0x00000000
    _C0 One Hit Kill
    _M 0x08C53C00 0x461C3C00
    _C0 Size Modifier Codes
    _M 0xCF000000 0x00000005
    _C0 Normal Size
    _M 0x08B04000 0x3C043F80
    _C0 Super Small Size
    _M 0x08B04000 0x3C043E80
    _C0 Small Size
    _M 0x08B04000 0x3C043F00
    _C0 Bigger Size
    _M 0x08B04000 0x3C043F90
    _C0 Even Bigger Size
    _M 0x08B04000 0x3C043FA0
    _C0 Speed Modifier Codes
    _M 0xCF000000 0x00000006
    _C0 Normal Speed
    _M 0x08BFB6F8 0x000003E8
    _C0 Super Slow Motion
    _M 0x08BFB6F8 0x00000140
    _C0 Slow Motion
    _M 0x08BFB6F8 0x00000280
    _C0 Quicker Game
    _M 0x08BFB6F8 0x000004E8
    _C0 Hyper Mode
    _M 0x08BFB6F8 0x000006E8
    _C0 Insane Speed
    _M 0x08BFB6F8 0x000009E8
    _C0 Orb Multiplier Codes
    _M 0xCF000000 0x00000005
    _C0 x4
    _M 0x08C53BF8 0x40800000
    _C0 x16
    _M 0x08C53BF8 0x41800000
    _C0 x64
    _M 0x08C53BF8 0x42800000
    _C0 x128
    _M 0x08C53BF8 0x43000000
    _C0 Disable Orb Multiplier Codes
    _M 0x08C53BF8 0x3F800000
    _C0 Unlock Codes
    _M 0xCF000002 0x00000002
    _C0 Unlock Everything
    _M 0x68C26D64 0x00000000
    _M 0xB8C26D64 0x00000000
    _M 0xC0000000 0x00000003
    _M 0x00000018 0xFFFFFFFF
    _M 0xDC000000 0x00000004
    _M 0xD2000000 0x00000000
    _C0 All Skins Unlocked
    _M 0x088F6A88 0x10000007
    _M 0x088F6AF0 0x10000008

    1. Can not be in ppsspp v and 1.4.2 please solve it

  27. :) Thank You!!!

    The Cheat is Working!! I can Use The Legionnaire Costume!1

  28. plz infinite mp and orbs on usa not working help plz

  29. Are there a legionnaire armor in the usa version?

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. It works for me at the first try (USA version) 11 years later, but works


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