How to Add Infolinks Related Tags on Blogger

You can consider me already a long time member of Infolinks, and from my perspective I gotta say I'm satisfied with their services. I'm especially a big fan of their Payoneer Card support. More so when they released their Infolinks Related Tags feature that could help you increase your Infolinks earnings up to 30%. So okay straight to the point: How do you add Infolinks Related tags on Blogger?

1. First off, copy this code:

2. Now, I do hope that you've already logged-in to your Blogger account beforehand. If you didn't do it now. Then head to the Design tab and click on the Edit HTML tab;

3. Your HTML window will now pop-up. Click on Expand Widgets;

4. Okay, so you're ready to paste your Infolinks Related Tags code. Scroll down the HTML jargon and paste the Infolinks Related Tags code anywhere you like, so long as its not before the heading tag and after the closing body tag;

5. Click Preview to see if your ad will properly pop-up where placed or you could just finalize it and save your template if you're sure you've done the code installation correctly.

Congratulations, you've successfully installed Infolinks Related Tags. It should look something like this:

I suggest you place the Infolinks Related Tags high in your post or your website, near the title or your website header for maximum exposure. Just make sure it blends naturally on your page or else it'll look ugly and it will be immediately dismissed. Just look at what I did to mine.

A note though: Remember that this would only work once you've integrated the initial Infolinks script on your website. Without that, the Infolinks Related Tags feature won't work. Now, let's earn you that additional 30%.

Questions? Feel free to contact me.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Infolinks is becoming popular today since it can be used together with Adsense. It means an additional income for bloggers. But still I am not using it now, since my blog is not yet ready for monetization. I still need to get some traffic. But thanks to your information. Surely I will use it when I start using Infolinks.

  2. ive put the code before the but it doesnt pop up help me mail me

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  4. Thank you This was very helpful! I realized upon reading this I was doing it wrong! Awesome post!


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