How to Claim Google Adsense Earnings Via Western Union Philippines (Detailed)

Let's discuss on how you'll claim your $100+ Google Adsense Earnings through Western Union branches in the Philippines straight to the point from first hand experience. Here it is step by step:

1. Print this out:

Print this out is so that you would not to forget the data Western Union requires you to surrender to them. In this page lies your 10 digit MTCN, your expected payment to be received, and the sender's name and address, which in this case is Google Inc.;

2. Click HERE to find the nearest Western Union (they sometimes come as RCPI or USSC or whichever) branch in your locality that offers Quick Cash payment. After filling up the mandatory fields, click on the "Find a location near you" button. Most Western Union branches are open Sunday to Saturday and are open until 8:30 PM. Schedules vary;

3. Ready up two (2) valid I.D.s. Make sure that what you'll present are not expired. Passports, Driver's Licenses, TIN I.D.s and government issued I.D.s count (NBI Clearance, PRC I.D.s, Voter's I.D.s etc.). Again, make sure they're not expired. You may be required to submit photocopies of your I.D.s. You will not be entertained by Western Union if you present expired I.D.s or text messages of "Authority to Receive Payment" and the like; 

4. Go to the Western Union branch specified in your search results, secure and fill a copy of the Receive Money form (Yellow) with all the necessary data. Write "Google Inc." in the "Sender" field. Write your dollar Adsense earnings in the "Amount Expected" field and Google's address in the "Country money sent from" field. Most of the time you need not mention you'll fetch a Quick Cash payment;

5. Western Union personnel may ask you your relationship with Google Inc. and how you work with them. They may also ask you to fill up other forms aside from the Receive Money form. In this cases promptly answer and fill-up the said forms;

6. You will be asked if you want your Google Adsense Earnings payment in U.S. Dollars or Philippine Pesos. You can choose either one. Documentary Stamp Tax will be deducted from your Adsense Earnings;

7. Wait for a few minutes while Western Union personnel process your data;

8. Get your money. Don't forget your receipt.

Note 1: At this point I'm assuming that you've already selected Western Union as your Payment method in Google Adsense and that you've reached or exceeded the $100.00 threshold. Be also aware that Google won't send you a message informing you that you've already received payment. Rather, they'll just put a "Payment Issued" notice on your Payment History page. Check your earnings page every now and then so you can pick up your payment;

Note 2: Your Adsense earnings will arrive at the following end of the month from the month you've earned your earnings. Sounds confusing, yes? Let's make an example. Say, I earned $250.00 from January 1 to 31 20XX. Your January Adsense earnings will be finalized at February 10 20XX (earnings finalization may take more or less 10 days of the following month) but you still won't be able to get your earnings by then. Don't worry. The process takes time. You can then get your January Adsense earnings at the end or near the end of February 20XX, say February 25 20XX;

Note 3: Be sure to claim your Adsense earnings 60 days after notice of payment or else Google will revert your payment back to your Adsense account and ask you why you haven't claimed your earnings. You'll still get it though. No worries.

I hope that this detailed explanation helped you claim your Google Adsense Earnings through Western Union. Please feel free to leave a comment or even a simple thank you if I helped.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I've opted Western Union to get our pay too. By the way, let me invite you to join our My Regency Blog Giveaway. Thanks!

  2. Mr. Panganiban:

    First of all, thank you for your perfect explanation of how to claim ads earnings from google to western Union…Really appreciated it! Honestly, upon browsing thru google search, thank God, finally I’ve found out the right site and the right explanation I’m looking for the well-specified topic about earning money thru Western Union.

    One more thing I just want to clarify is that, what if I’ve already reached my $100.00 earnings from the finalization result given by google like the one you’ve presented from your above example (e.g. February 25, 20XX), is that the perfect time to claim my earnings from western union? And is it ok to claim my earnings thru western union without even waiting for the “CHECK” that is the “traditional way of google sending up everyone’s earnings”?

    What will happen to the expected “CHECK” that I’m talking about? Will it still be sent to my home address even though I’ve already claimed my adsense earnings?

    Ok, the main reason I’m asking you these questions is to avoid from receiving payments thru mail(like the “CHECK” I’m talking about)…”just for privacy purposes” also… And I want to know also if Google Inc. will automatically know that they should not worry sending mail checks to my home address just because I have already claimed my earnings thru Western union.

    Any immediate response would be highly appreciated… Thank you and God Bless…

    By the way, you can also send your response thru e-mail, this is my e-address:

    I’m hoping you can help me solve my problem.

    Respectfully yours,

    Gerald De Vera

  3. Informative article you have. For those who want to know how long does it take for Google Adsense to arrive in the Philippines you check it out here:

  4. This has been the one that I have been looking for. thank you for the information. I am starting with blogging and I already had an approved google adsense account. I was wondering how will it be transferred. because sending check would be very impossible for us here in the Philippines. Thanks! can you comment in my blog? thanks!!!

  5. iM GOING TO encash my 158 dollar earnings this end of april. Thanks for the tips

  6. Hello we need to have an International Identification Number?or TIN? for us to receive any payment from Google AdSense?


  7. That's new insight for me. Could you post about some tips about Google adsense targeting? Now, i browse for that. Thanks

  8. Ayos etong blog mo excited ako sa 100+$ ko waiting for my payment here .. then I will post it to share :D

  9. Western Union is no longer secure

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