Ciro's Pokemon Maker Download (Working)

I remember back in the day when I played Pokemon Emerald on and on and on on my Nintendo Gameboy Advance. Man, catching all the Pokemon I wanted, all the shinies, all those IVs and EVs you have to learn when raising a Pokemon, that was brutally hard. That was until I was introduced to Ciro's Pokemon Maker.

Ciro's Pokemon Maker is literally what it is: A Pokemon maker. Say you want a male Shining Mewtwo in a Luxury Ball that has a Hardy nature, all stats at 255, and has won all master rank ribbons in all categories of Pokemon contests. If you played on cartridge before, you'll know this is second to impossible, unless you're running Action Replay, which is additional expense. Fortunately for you, Ciro's Pokemon Maker will give you everything you want in your Pokemon. It can even give you a hold item of your choice! You don't even have to go to Pokemon HQ New York to win prized items!

Ciro's Pokemon Maker is a very complete Pokemon tool that it can in fact give you 9999 Master Balls or 9999 Rare Candies in your PC Item Box. No kidding. Once you've downloaded the program, head to the Items tab and just select the item you want to appear on your PC, generate the code, and paste. Now that's almost infinite Master Balls.

It's easy to navigate through all the options at Ciro's Pokemon Maker. Look at the picture below (Click to enlarge):

It's like inputting AR codes in NO$GBA. Don't forget to set your trainer name, ID and hidden ID exactly or else the system will think it's a traded Pokemon. What's great is, this thing works on all custom Pokemon games out there, as long as it's Emerald/Fire Red/Leaf Green/Ruby/Sapphire-based.

If you want to download Ciro's Pokemon Maker (which I know you will), hit the download link below:

Click HERE to download Ciro's Pokemon Maker

File name: Ciro's Pokemon Maker (Working)
Size: 272.26KB
Status: Scanned, 0 security concerns found
Format: .RAR
Files: 4

You remember that Shining Mewtwo I was talking about? Why not go for a Shining Deoxys this time? Trust me, I have it all because of this Pokemon Maker.

Thanks to mi amigo Ciro Bogea Fernandez for developing this nifty piece of software.

'Till my next installment.

P.S. If you happen to know a PSP emulator called gPSPKai and know a couple of tricks, you can play your custom Pokemon there instead of sitting in front of your NO$GBA emulator.


It says the path invalid and inregistered or something like that

@Anonymous 02:22AM

What do you mean specifically? You're the first one to encounter this error.

Can I use it for Pokemon Flora Sky?
Too bad it doesn't have Pokemon from Sinnoh and Unova region. But when you find something similar to this with complete Pokemon, please update it here! :D


You can use this in Flora Sky too, since FS is based on FireRed if I recall correctly. Thing is, a Venusaur in FireRed could be a Torterra in Flora Sky. Sky reassembled the existing sprites to represent Generation 6 pokemon.

Thanks! Well, as I remember it's based on Pokemon Emerald :) I'll try using it first, but it'd be funny though if I created Venusaur and the result is Torterra, xD. Again, update when new Pokemon is available in Ciro's Pokemon Maker~

Hey, I got bad eggs instead of the Pokemon I created and sometimes it doesn't work, please add the instruction to make it work


All pokemon is available in Ciro's Pokemon maker, it's just a matter of finding the right code for the equivalent Pokemon. I tried doing it, and it's very hard.

@Anonymous 10:00PM

Don't cheat too much or else you'll get bad eggs. And for every set of codes you enter, make sure to go inside or outside a building and turn the cheat off.

Wow. It just so happens that I am using gpSP kai 3.2 test 8.7!
Can you kind of explain further how to get these to work on my PSP?
This pops up after I extract the files into a folder... I'm not sure why. I can't use it because of this :s

this doesnt work for me =l when i click download nothing happens lol

i cannot open the file it says it is not registered

I have created the cheat file for a pokemon that I want to create. I have labeled everything that I can see to label correctly. When I take the cheat, and master code, and insert it into VBA, it accepts the code, but the pokemon doesn't appear/

It doesn't work for me. When I want to open Ciros, it says that tabctl32.ocx is not correctly registered. Someone knows about this?

umm what app should i open it with it not working

mmm,hey,how to make the result is not a bad egg,i don't understand :(

right click the file then click on 'Run as administrator'

Could you post a vid or something on how to set everything up ?

Will it work on the vgba emulator on my xperia play? Will this software work on it? Please answer.

I discovered that Metagross will result to Magmortar

Will this work with my gpsphone emulator for my pod
What I mean is if I generate a code on my pc will it work on my pod?

Whenever I try using this, I get an error that says "Component 'Tabctl32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

I got the same problem with "Component 'Tabctl32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid". And yes, I tried running it as administrator, same thing pops up.

I got the same problem as the anonymous person above me. Some assistance would be appreciated, thanks.

So much for these comments being heavily monitored. Still need help getting this thing to work. :'(

Right-click, troubleshoot compatibility, then try recommended settings.

I tried the Troubleshoot Compatibility, but I got the same result.

Component 'Tabctl32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

The Troubleshooter Applied
Windows Compatibility Mode: WINDOWS XP (Service Pack 2)

When I click on the download link, it tells me the file is invalid or deleted.

download link says invalid or deleted file .-. heeeelp

Hi guys! Link updated with a fresh one from Dropbox. Kindly leave comments if it's still broken. Thanks!

I got tabctl32.ocx or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered. A file is missing or invalid.

i downloaded it but it says that it is not valid or file is missing

Hey i am trying to open it but it says a file is missing

I can't even use this pokemon maker thing on my windows 8!? It keeps on saying "this app can't run on your pc"! This is stupid!

No Anonymous, you're stupid for using Windows 8.

when i start it up an error occurs that says that the component 'Tabctl32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

any help or reason its saying this (other than the obvious fact it says missing file or invalid, but i just downloaded it and even re-downloaded it and still the same :/ )

Anyone having an issue with an "invalid" or "unregistered" .ocx file, open up your Command Window.

Use the command "CD" to navigate to the folder that both .ocx files are in (i.e. "CD Program Files" or "CD Documents").

If you need to see which files are in your current directory while navigating to the Ciro's Pokemon Maker folder, use the "DIR" command (this will show everything in the current folder).

Once you are in the correct folder, type "Regsvr32" followed by whatever .ocx file is not registered (i.e. "Regsvr32 tabctl32.ocx").

I downloaded this no problem, but when I use it the codes don't work.

when i open the application, a error message comes up and says:
Component 'Tabctl32.ocx' or one of its dependecis not correctly
registered: a file is missing or invalid
need URGENT help!

I have a game boy advance emulator for android. Will it work?

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