Free Level Up! Games Load Part 3

As you may know, I've been giving away Level Up! Games prepaid codes for free last 2010. It's either I have lots of extra money sitting around or I just want to make people happy. I select the latter. Especially when I saw those comments of people asking me to personally e-mail them Level Up! Games prepaid codes. No can do guys. What I'm doing here is fair competition. You don't have to get an advantage over the other kids who visit this site in hopes of fishing up free Level Up! Games loads.

Anyway, you've just lucked out if you reach this page first and you don't have a Level Up! Games gaming account. I guess you should create one then. Here's the photo of the prepaid cards I gave away last time:

So here's another batch of five P100 Level Up! Games prepaid loads up for grabs for gamers here at Tj's Daily. Fastest fingers win!

Sequence: Card Number - Pin (P100 Prepaid Card)

PLC1208100239160 1D5BWGWGJY
PLC1208100239161 2I3ANBNTEE
PLC1208100239162 2Y6QJFWONF
PLC1208100239163 5X5JSYTQEN
PLC1208100239164 9Y9MWMGPYY

It's up to you if you'll say thank you or not. I'm sure a darn kid single-handedly pocketed all the free Level Up! Games codes I gave away last time and didn't even bother to say a single word. Anyway, fair competition. Just try to be first or else get invalid code results on your game account page.

'Till my next installment.


Wow! The codes was got fast! Congratulations to you guys!

please give another free level up cards :D thanks

i need... more... was not able to get those...

me too!!! pesos for my zero!!tnx!!!

sir send me plss my email is

ako din po

kuya tj pahingi naman p plzzz kailangan ko lng po


sir tj penge p pls nang 350 need k p pls

e2 e-mail k salamat

sir tj penge din email ko

pa snd din po
eto po e-mail ko

pahinge po nang load account plsss... po
aasa po aq dyan

penge naman po e-mail lng sa

penge ako 1k lol

kua pahingi aman poh ng lvl card code 1350 poh sa necklace and 1500 poh sa set ng dio q pls kua .... pahingi aman poh pass poh ung code sa email q

sir pahenge mo ng 100 LU load card please. e-mail nyo lang po.

pls give me free level load plss email that in

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