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Herbal products have been 'round the world a long time, even before modern medicine made its mark in history. The Chinese are especially known for their dried herbs and animals that supposedly heal various sicknesses. They even claim to increase a man's potency. Well, you gotta respect them. Their herbs and dried animal stuffs have been around for thousands of years. That alone has to tell something.

Anyway, I'm talking about herbs because there's this liquefied herb extract whatchamacallit that has been curing illnesses and, you know those diabetes cases where the surgeon's about to cut your foot to avoid the spread of gangrene? Yeah, this liquefied herb extract cures that too. This liquefied herb extract I'm talking about is called REH Herbal, or more recently (they renamed it to) King's Herbal.

First things first: I'm not doing a sales pitch here to sell you this product. Even if you buy one I'm not getting nada out of it. I'm just actually writing about it since I made a post bashing these supposed herbal products that will make you lose weight or something miraculous to you and then they'll hit you with the words "No approved therapeutic claims." Hah. I don't like people getting duped out of their good money. And lemme tell you, I'm not bullshitting you at all. Everything you'll read in this post are based from my observations.

Anyway, I've been observing this REH Herbal/King's Herbal herb juice at a program called "BITAG Live!" It's a reality program like Bounty Hunter, catching criminals of sorts and near the end of the program the host does some public service. So, most of the time, the host, together with the inventor of the herb Ka Rey Herrera, shows video footage of people who're about to lose their foot because of diabetes. Seriously, it's gross. These people, most of them old, have wet flesh wounds, some the size of a golf ball in their foot. Worst of all, surgeons have already recommended that their foot be removed to avoid further complications.

So they got this REH Herbal/King's Herbal stuff and took it for 2 months and more. Every week the guys from BITAG Live! take videos of a patient's recovery progress, and so far all of the patients who took Ka Rey Herrera's REH Herbal/King's Herbal got their foot wounds dry and looking healed. The only thing some of the patients complained (I assume this was the side effect) were their sudden weight drop. You'll really notice it on TV. Some have lost so much weight in 2 months time. But seriously, would you mind losing weight when you're about to lose your foot?

Not only does it supposedly heal diabetes, it heals cancer, hypertension, arthritis and kidney stones too. Well, I don't know about that but there's lots of YouTube videos available for viewing. Here's one:

To put more credibility on this seemingly miracle drug, Ka Rey Herrera calls repeatedly to doctors and the Philippines' own Department of Health for the verification of his product. Up to this point in time though, no one in the medical world heeds his call.

Here's Ka Rey Herrera's REH Herbal/King's Herbal product list and prices:

So if you're interested on checking out Ka Rey Herrera's REH Herbal/King's Herbal liquefied herb extract, click the link below:

Ka Rey Herrera's REH Herbal/King's Herbal

And here's Ka Rey Herrera's telephone numbers and main office address:

REH Herbal Main Office
#603 Quirino Hi-way, Bagbag Novaliches Quezon City

Tel. Nos.:
02) 936-4376 / 489-2421
383-5050 / 382-7290

If you're looking for how to order REH Herbal/King's Herbal via the internet, click the link below:

REH Herbal/King's Herbal Order Form

I'm a tough skeptic myself, but I personally do think that this Herrera guy's clearly up to something good. Include the fact that he challenged Ben Tulfo, the host of BITAG Live!, to boot him out and discredit him personally if his herbal medicine fails even at least once. Nobody messes around with Ben Tulfo. But this herbalist has balls. Like I said, so far from the patients that Ben Tulfo has covered, all got well.

Anyway, if you're about to lose a foot, and considering that you spent thousands of bucks already trying to get it healed, why not try this? After all, it's just P1,500 a bottle, around $34.00.

But whatever you do though is clearly up to you. You either take this as bullshit or something that has some value to it. I just voiced out what I think of this product.

'Till my next installment.


Ka Rey Herrera is not a licensed doctor of any field. He is a self-proclaimed herbalist. As such with medicinal herbal products, REH Herbal and King's Herbal have no therapeutic claims.

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  1. Herbal products have been found to be useful against various non curable diseases and they are always a a good option.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information because I always find difficulty in finding these herbal products online.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this info. Gusto ko rin e try ang product na 'to.

  4. want to try ds product for my parents,s it ok po ba f personal aqng pumunta s main ofis nio?

    thanks po:)

  5. gud day po! I got to know your product thru Alagang Kapatid Program last 4/15/2012 and i immediately got interested to try the product for family consumption and to sell it here in bicol as well.
    May i know pls, if there's already an existing outlet in bicol particularly in naga, legaspi or sorsogon? how can i apply or register as dealer and what are the requirements.

    thanks so much and more power!

    CP # 09195061503
    email ad: primeeva@yahoo.com

  6. available p po b ung buy 1 take 1 n promo ng kings herbal tnx po.

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